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It's never too late to be what you might have been. --George Eliot

Athena is the Goddess of wisdom and war. In 2005, I declared war on my own bad tendencies: sloth, being fat, compacency, and being too old for adventure. This is the story of how I went from being someone who never stood when she could sit, to being an ultrarunner, marathoner, and triathlete. Along the way I've cried, laughed, fallen, gotten up, lost, won, hallucinated, been dehydrated, DNF'ed, and been DFL.
I also swear. Alot.
"You're never too old to be what you might have been" --George Eliot

Friday, February 25, 2005

Another 10 pounds gone.

Mood: Optimistic, but lazy.
Weight: 174 (yes, 174) pounds!!
I've lost 20, but I'm still 30 pounds overweight. A "usual" day: Breakfast - 1 packet of oatmeal (3), double vanilla sugarless soy latte (2),=5 pts.Lunch - A boca burger, or 1 serving of leftovers from last night's dinner (usually =5 pts) Snack, usually a boca burger or some veggies (1-3 points) and for supper, 1 serving of something, usually 5-10 points. Total for the day, 15- 20 points, then I make it up with popcorn or some other snack. I revised my "ideal" weight, because I looked at some pictures of myself and I look best at about 140-145. At this rate, I should be at my goal weight by the end of the semester.
Movies kill me; I don't use my flex points but for going to the movie, then the popcorn, no butter, is 1 points per cup. The buckets I share with my husband are 16 cups, so I eat about 8 of them.

New discoveries: The weight watchers point calculation equation, as is registered at the US patent office, POINTS=(calories/50)+(g. fat/12)-(g. fiber/5), and sugarless Jelly Belly beans (from WalGreens). If I didn't say it already, I have switched back to LifeForm, the best weight/health management software out there. The other software I was using (see above) kept crashing, for no reason. LifeForm has never let me down. I haven't written for a while, so I'll make this a bit longer. At 20 pounds down, people are noticing the weight loss. My husband has lost 16 pounds, and I notice the difference on him, too. I'm back into a size 14 (I was almost into a size 18 when I stared) in most of my clothes. I tried the 1 point desert but when I looked at the angel food cake mix, it had eggs in it, and I don't eat eggs.