Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Neener, neener, neener.

Dear Diary,

Life is good. For so many reasons.

13. Right near my new job there is a tiny Mediterranian grocery. I love this grocery, both because it has a shit ton of spices, but also because they have awesome prices and a little eatery that serves wondrful kevab. I was over there buying spices one day and happened on a small jar of Rani chai masala. $3. Why not? How bad could it be? I followed the directions...lets see...boil two teabags, 1/2 tsp. of chai masala, some sweetener, a cup of milk, and oh, spicy heaven. I'm hooked. Every morning now, I have a pint of this and a small serving of oatmeal.

12. Four days ago the wind blew the rain fell, and when it was over, the temperature had dropped about 12 degrees. HeLLLLOOOO fall. Fall means running in the afternoon again. It means salted carmel mochas. I raised the blinds that have been shielding the kitchen from the sun. So now my kitchen looks out onto the back yard again, to a degree that makes it feel like you're in one of those observation blinds at a nature center.

10. On the first tbeautiful day I went for a run five miles to the gym, for Yoga. I was in the zone, feelng great, deep into my zen groove.

Then that little rat bastard chihuahua ran out of its front yard, straight at me, and sank its tiny little rat bastard fangs into the back of my ankle. Yes, it bit my ankle. Hence the term. Fucker. I completely, and utterly, hate chihuahuas. My grandmother had one, and it was old and crazy. It didn't have any teeth but would chase and attack me and gum the shit out of me, leaving a huge welt on my hip.

Yes, it's safe to say I hate chihuahuas.
But it was still a beautiful run.
9. September was the month that apple announced quietly they would no longer provide updates for the iPad1. This means that as apps become more sophisticated they woukd crash more than they already have. I was already experiencing crashing every five minutes. So, I put my ipad up in Ebay and it sold in an hour, for about 1/4 of what a new one would cost. I decided that I would save up the rest and pick up an iPad3 in a couple months.
I came home that day and found an ipad3 on my pillow. Sweet Baboo said he felt bad that he had a working iPad and I didn't. <3
The next day, I canned apples and jam while I watched Law and Order on Netflix on my ipad.

8. Every day with my morning oatmeal I have some of the cinnamon apples from the many pints I canned from the big apple tree in the back yard. With my kick-ass chai.

7. Friday night Sweet Baboo and I went on a trail run with some friends and Mini-Baboo. Some were going to run several of the 10k loops, and Baboo and I headed out together--his first run since finishing the last of the Grand Slam of Uktrarunning last Sunday. But it turns out even superheroes need a rest, and after one lap Himself and I snuck Off and had coffe (him) tea (me) and a light dinner. Then we went back, picked up mini-Baboo and dropped him off at his brother's place.

6. Saturday, i picked the last of our grapes, pruned the two grapevines we have, and made a grapevine wreath. Then I made five pints of grape jam. Grape lavender jam. Or tried to. Shit just wouldn't gel. So, I have five pints of pancake strip.

5. The coolest thing about my new iPad is that I can dictate to it and it writes what I'm saying like with this blog post, so if I'm feeling lazy, or cooking something, driving I can just talk to it and it types what I say. Blogsy seems easier to use now.
4.One of the things that I love about chai is the history. Apparently tea was introduced to India by England, and Indians promptly transformed their delicate, royal, steeped beverage by boiling it with warm spices and milk. It's a rebel beverage. It's a beverage that thumbs its nose at convention.
3. On Saturday, I also made and froze a pint of pesto using basil from my backyard, sun-dried tomatoes from my tomato vine, pine nuts grown locally, and some Parmesan cheese.
2. Sunday, me and Baboo and Dreadpirate headed out to Mt. Taylor where I took some pictures on my new iPad
and transformed them using an ap called sketch
I took some pictures just by themselves.
I didn't take the one below. Baboo took that.
for some reason taking pictures is easier for me on the iPad. I think it's because I have a nice, wide version of what the picture will look like.

I'm also on instagram now.

I break, for a moment, for a cent picture of blind kitty:

1. Yes, it's safe to say life is good. When I have time to fritter making jams and condiments, taking pictures and running, there's not too much about it that's bad.


  1. I feel happier after reading your post and it's not even my life. Contentment in ones circumstances can't be overrated. Gorgeous pictures, too!

  2. What great photos and art! (and thanks for the info on ipad1, hadn't heard that and that's what we've got....) Cute kitty. Yay, life is good - and agree w/ Kate, contentment cannot be overrated. :)

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Nice pix, cute kitty and I learned I was a rebel...years ago for drinking chai? Who knew? I want fall HERE!


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