Sunday, October 23, 2005

Duke City Marathon, and a cool new T-shirt.

Today I did a 5K at the Duke City Marathon. Not ready for that, or the half marathon yet, (I tested myself last week; trust me, I'm not ready) but it's my new goal for next year. I ran pretty well, slightly less appallingly slow. Husband did the half-marathon. That and the marathon course go down by the Bosque, which is where this picture is taken (This picture is also on the Long-sleeved T-shirt. Cool.) The 5K went up 2nd, down Central, and then down Laguna through one of Albuquerque's oldes and prettiest neighborhoods. It was all to benefit the New Mexico Cancer Center.

A big STICK to all the local down town businesses who were happy enough to open and rake in all the extra money on a Sunday morning, when down town is usually dead, but then closed their bathrooms to Marathoners. This includes the down town Hyatt, who not only locked their bathrooms but posted a guard outside to shake her head at us. I'll remember this when making recommendations to out of town guests.

Next up: The Great Pumpkin Chase. I may wear a costume.

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