Sunday, October 02, 2005

Stealth Triathlon, Almagordo NM

I just got back from the Stealth Triathlon and I am whipped. I don't know
where the web page is for this. I'm still trying to find it. The Stealt is relatively flat, a a reverse 5-30-400, and I burned up everything I had on the 30K bike. The run and bike were both out-and-backs. By the time I hit the pool, I had nuthin'. I mean, nuthin'. I wound up doing the back stroke almost the entire 400 meters.
After that, I was a rag doll.

The weather was pleasant - cloudy and threatening to rain, just the way I like it in New Mexico, since it is rarely humid here, even under those circumstances. Another competitor (Kathy) and I pretty much hung together. kathy is a fabulous gal, and I don't think she'd mind saying that she's a cancer survivor who has been doing this for over 15 years. She threw lots of tips my way, and her enthusiasm was contagious. I practiced standing on the pedals going uphill and "rocking the bike". Plus, she warned me about cars and bumps in the road.
Husband, of course, was finished (2nd place, Clydesdales) and dry long before I showed up for the pool but what's cool about that is that someone is there to cheer and yell encouragement. Plus Peter and Patrick from Tuscon were there - we'd all gone Saturday morning to see the Grand Ascention (sp?) which is where hundreds of hot air baloons take off all at once. Pictures when I get them developed. There were actually some pictures taken of me at this triathlon, too, which I hope to share with you soon.
Results: My goal, as usual, to finish and not be dead last. I made it, and placed 3rd in the Athenas.
I'm going to go flop down and eat some Soy Delicious Decadence.

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