Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Random thoughts.

I'm now a member of the New Mexico Outlaws tri club. Actually, I think they were pretty happy to have the Husband and are kind of stuck with me, but if they are, they're awfully nice about it. I like triathletes. They're high-energy folks who don't take themselves too seriously and like to have fun. I feel a little out of sorts, because they all seem really sleek and athletic, but they're so encouraging and accepting, and I feel like I might be somewhat athletic too, when I'm around them. We go out for these runs on Sundays. Well, we start out on runs. Usually after the first 50 yards I'm already wayyy back, so I take along my MP3 player. I've worked my way up to about an 8 mile jog. Husband does something like 20 miles. Then I go for a swim, which feels grrrreat!

Husband and I are considering the Tuscon marathon December 4th. Actually I'm considering the half marathon. It's all supposed to be downhill, which could be nice or could realllllly suck. I'll keep you posted on this. A lot of it depends on whether I want to arrive home at 10 pm after a half marthon and then go teach 90 8th-graders the next day. That could really suck, too. But it would be my first half marathon. If nothing else, the Polar Bear tri is the following weekend.

The problem with my current training plan is the the local high school swim team has a stranglehold on the pool after school from 3 to about 5. I think I'm going to switch gyms, too. Here's my choices:
the new gym (Defined Fitness) is a mile from my house and a little less expensive, and only adults or kids age 15 and over are allowed, and a good friend teaches a couple cardio dance classes that I enjoy, but it doesn't offer much in the way of amenities. The treadmills automatically shut down after 35 minutes and you have to reset them. You can join month-to-month.
the other gym (NM Sports and Wellness) is 5 miles away through traffic and a little more expensive, and requires a contract. Sometimes there are young kids swimming in the pool, but it has provides shampoo, conditioner, towels, blow-dryers, rentable lockers, two pools and no high school swimming practice. It also has nicer treadmills. (I'm not a weanie, but it is getting below freezing and I need to run.)
My current training plan:
Sundays, long run. Increase by 10% each week. Then swim 500 yards. Although this isn't exactly an ice bath, I think it's a good recovery activity.
Mondays, swim about 500 yards, and then cardio dance. For the heck of it. Stretching afterwards.
Tuesdays, run 35 minutes (working on Galloways' half marathon plan) and then swim 500 yards.
Wednesdays, off.
thursdays, run 35 minutes, and then swim 500 yards. Working on speed and no rests.
Fridays, bike in to work and then swim 500 yards after work.
Saturdays, bike to down town (my "long" ride) and back, 10 miles or so each way.
I'm going to work on increasing the biking after Christmas. We'll see.

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