Friday, August 25, 2006


I have a cold, or something.

I'm not sure if it's allergies, because of all the insane rain we've gotten around here that actually-gasp-made some stuff GROW this year, or if it's a cold, owing to the fact that I spend 5 days a week in a germ factory, AKA public school.

I stopped getting sick a lot once I started running. That's a good thing, because since I became a teacher, almost everything turns into laryngitis. It's tricky teaching 35 students when you've got that, but I've found that with PowerPoint, a meter stick, and a cowbell, you can get a lot done.

Anyway, as I said, I don't get sick very much, so when I do, I get extra whiney and miserable. Time was when just the people around me had to listen to it. That was before I got a blog.

It's not that I'm feverish and desperately dehydreated, throwing up, or ill, I just have one of those extremely annoying little bugs. Allow me to share it with you.

I feel like Bill the Cat looks. I even say, "ACK!" every once in a while.

DayQuill doesn't make a dent, and neither does Benedryl.

My right eye won't stop watering.

At this moment, the left side of my nose won't stop running, and the right side is all stuffed up. Just the right side. Occasionally, the sides switch, and then the left side will nbe all stuffed up and the right side will be all runny. My nose is getting red and chapped from all the blowing.

What this all means is that when I finally do go to bed, I'll have to flip from side to side all night long, because I can't stand laying on the side that's all stuffed up.

My eyes are burning.

I'm given to sneezing fits, about six at a time.

My throat hurts, and, judging by the sighs and the looks I got from Sweet-baboo this morning, I'm snoring really loudly all night long.

My cheeks ache, like someone is pushing on them.

Crap. I'm supposed to do a long bike tomorrow.

I'm going to go do another suduko puzzle and soak in a hot bath and feel sorry for myself.


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  1. Hi Misty,

    Sorry to hear you were feeling yucky. I hope it passes quickly.

    I hate to "me too" you again...but I have seasonal allergies and they have flared up with a passion last year at this time and today they seemed to be back big time--causing me to make my bike a very big snott-covered mess. I took an additional claritin and I hope this will get me through a 20 mile run tomorrow.

    Sorry to hear about your hearing aid in the pool. I'll keep that in mind. I lost a significant portion of my hearing when I developed shinges in my ear and cranial nerves a month before my first marathon. My problem is mostly that I can't hear anything clearly when there is a more than one conversation or noise happening at the same time. Some frequencies I don't seem to be able to detect at all anymore. I've thought about getting it checked but it isn't high on my list of priorities.

    Tomorrow is Ironman of my favorite Athenas is participating. If my training feels tough tomorrow, I will know that her day is much moreso than mine. She is a much faster swimmer than I and I usually pass her during the bike leg and we tend to "duke it out" on the run. I'm always glad to see her.

    Enjoyed your blog once again,

    Mary K Sneezer


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