Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back to work. Whew.

I can already tell this, 2006-2007, is going to be a tough year.
I'd decided I wanted to commute by bike on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I may try to run to work and home on Fridays. Mondays will be for a long swim after work, and Wednesdays I'll do a short run before work. It's only 4 miles to work, pretty much half down a grade 7 hill, cross an arroyo, and then up a long grade 6 hill. We'll see if I'm better at keeping my training schedule now that I'm back to work than I was when I was off.
Fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Etc.
The good news is, I have tons of cabinets, and sinks (I teach science) in my classroom. I've got my own hot pot and microwave and one of my team members has a small fridge in their classroom where I have put some "spray on" salad dressing, so I can take instant stuff for lunch or eat salads. I also stocked my cabinets with oatmeal and apple sauce, as well as some drink stuff I found at WalMart called "morning spark" that is somewhat like Crystal Light with caffein. So, I won't have to worry about taking my lunch or coffee in the morning. It rocks. I like the Cranberry flavor.
I spent yesterday in meetings and inservice workshops, and managed to avoid my usual overly-optimistic volunteering for committees and groups, so that I'll have more time to train. It was tough to force myself up and out of bed in order to do a run, get home, cleaned up and to work by my 7:10 am reporting time, but I managed. Of course, I didn't have to be particularly "groomed" today. Next Wednesday will be different.

I'm thinking this will be the year of the wet ponytail and/or braid.

I also have to figure out how I'm going to carry my clothes with me. I'm thinking I'll keep a pair of sandals and hose at work, just in case, since I tend to forget these. Oh, and maybe powder. and deoderant.

Any thoughts, tips, and tricks from the ladies (or extremely vain men) on how they've handled commuting successfully by bike or foot would be appreciated.

Tomorrow: I meet 92 eighth-graders.


  1. I always make Monday my shopping day - at lunchtime, I go shopping and buy provisions (lunches) for the week to eat in the office. Since you probably don't have time to shop, you could make Monday your car-commute day, so you can bring in your provisions for the week.

    Make SURE you have enough snacks in the office for days you cycled in so you don't start chewing your cabinetry in your classroom (protein bars, LARA bars, etc.).

    Keep extra hair ties at the office - they are useful.

    You can do it - the trick is to just do it!

  2. In case you never knew, I keep deoderant, cologne, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of slacks, a pair of jeans, a blazer and a tie at work and just carry in a shirt, undershirt, underware, socks and my lunch and breakfast. I keep a case of gatoraid at work for the commute home and a case of OJ for breakfast.

    I have never been found wanting though I have been found a little more casual than others at work.

  3. It can be done but it requires planning time. Like others have said, bring what you need in the car Monday and go from there.

    Since you have extra room in your classroom for offical supplies, convert a drawer in your personal desk to a workout storage drawer. That will give you a place to stash emergency shoes, food, etc.

  4. I suggest you keep extra clothes at work as well as toiletries to make you feel presentable (deoderant, brush, hair ties). Take fresh stuff on Monday morning, bring home dirties monday evening. Make sure to have lots of snacks at work(fuel) and have fun!!

  5. I braid my hair wet so often now that I find it hard to braid when it is dry and more fly-away.


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