Saturday, October 28, 2006

Birdy Lisa

Well, we made it to Tempe. Holy cow, it's hot here. Not looking forward to running in the heat tomorrow. We've already picked up the goodie bag, numbers, and chip. Inside th bag was a water bottle, head sweats visor, and the T-shirt. For some reason, only 'girls' as in LITTLE girls T-shirts were were available, so my shirt is size XXL. Fat reminder #1 is in play.

Next, Sweet Baboo and I rode our bikes over to the check-in and set them up in transition, then wondered around with some of the other NM Outlaws on our team. They introduced me to a perky, tiny bird person named Lisa, who is a recent graduate, apparently, of the Norman Stadtler Charm School.

I say that because upon introduction, she glanced at Sweet Baboo and I, and then asked sweetly, "So, are you two here to be cheerleaders tomorrow?"

Cricket. Cricket. Cricket.

Let me just try to share with you how difficult it is, ever, to make me speechless. As I stood there, mouth agape, Sweet Baboo spoke up and said, "um, actually, we're in the race."


Deep breaths. I will ignore any thoughts that I have that this was some type of intentional dig, and assume the best: Birdy Lisa is just one of those people with a raging impulse disorder who blurts things out when she's off her meds.

Anyway, I'm going to get ready to go to dinner, and try not to feel fat.

I haven't connected with Nytro yet, but I have left her a voice message on her cell phone. A bunch of us are headed over to Oreganos tonight for the pre race meal, so maybe I'll see her and Pirate there.

T-minus 14 hours. And counting.



  1. HAVE FUN!!!!! And kick some skinny girls' asses!

  2. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I'm with Nancy!!! You go girl!!!!

  3. Hope it all went well. I couldn't think of a witty come back to bird girl, but I'd have to restrain myself from knocking her off her bike if I ever saw her. I hope you kicked her butt.

    Looking forward to your race report!

  4. I'm looking for results from today but I'm getting NOTHING! NOTHING!! Hope you and Baboo and crew had a great day and rocked that course and had FUN!!

  5. GAAA! I was stuck with MY team over at horrible italian restaurant.


    And by the way...birdy lisa: I have coined a new phrase: runner bitches. Perhaps you know the type?

  6. YEAH Misty! Way to go! You are a 1/2 IRONMAN (woman)!

    Maybe Birdy-woman bonked. It helps to be fueled on those long courses...
    Don't hate me because I am a skinny-ass. I sure would not have made the same assumption she did as I have learned, you can NOT tell how strong or in-shape someone is, or how their lungs function just by looking at them...
    You have my utmost respect and I congratulate you again!

  7. Birdy Lisa! Great name!

    On behalf of myself and the other Athenas out there, thank you for educating her.

  8. so... my phone totally malfunctioned and i didn't get your message until saturday afternoon. benny and i had a family thing we had to go to saturday night. sorry i didn't call you back. you know how it gets with visiting the in-laws and trying to get ready. oh... and freaking out about the swim. that would have been me. i'll email you later with the details. sorry we didn't have a chance to hook up. i promise i'm not normally a flake. oh, and that lisa bird? i hope you sat on her. that's what i would have done.

  9. PIRATE at least you didn't go to Oreganos. Was the food good? Absolutely. Was it worth the hour wait to get in and the hour we waited for our food? Absolutely NOT. We couldn't even talk to each other; the music was blasting and everyone around us was screaming over it. I finally turned off my hearing aid and sat there with a pleasant smile on my face when people tried to converse with me.


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