Saturday, October 07, 2006

A pat on the back and a nap.

Every week I put my training plans for the week in my little sidebar. I faithfully write out what I think looks like a good training schedule, and then immediately abandon it becaue 1) I suck at planning and 2) I am lazy.

The end result is that currently, I am 1) slow and 2) weak.

But I plan it, nonetheless.

After my experience at the Redman in which I had my pity party and worried about being able to finish Soma in the time limit, I asked Sweet Baboo if he would work up a training schedule for the rest of October leading up to Soma (meaning, yes, that I plan to do two half iron distance triathlons 5 weeks apart, me, who runs about an 11 minute mile on a good day with a tail wind; me, who averages around 16 mph on the bike in a race; me, who usually has a 2:45 swim pace, yes) and damned if he didn't do one.


This means that I actually had to stick to the plan laid before me because 1) I asked for it and 2) he went to the trouble to do it.

However, this week I actually did it. Nothing suceeds like obligation and guilt. Perhaps it's that two years I spent in Catholic school.

yes I
for a whole week.

In between patting myself on the back, I'm really, really tired.
The only thing I haven't done this week is the 50-mile bike, it wound up being 47 miles because my knee starting feeling really funky. Bad funky. Like something was swelling.

Since today is the opening day of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, meaning that 1) traffic all over the city is congested and 2) there are ALL kinds of people who have dragged their Family-dollar bikes out of the garage and hit the bike path in order to see all the hot air balloons.
I had a tough time this morning trying to get down the path, something akin to trying not to hit zig-zagging rabits and slowly moving cats. There was just no way to predict where any of them might go. Left, right, whatever. Other people were ignoring the nice, flat compacted running path in favor of the paved bike trail and sauntering down it, three or four abreast. And, as soon as Sweet Baboo passed them, they would IMMEDIATELY move back to the left without looking. It was a nightmare, and I blame my funky knee on it because I was trying to pass a large group of adults doing a "ride," in a large pack, up a hill, and I as out of the saddle and really mashing the pedals to do it. Okay, maybe that's my fault. but it was still frustrating.

But in the end, I actually was a good girl and did my training, as prescribed. Go, me.


  1. GOOOOO you! Congrats and well done.

    Now, go out asn do it *again* :-)

  2. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Good job-I always have to build alot of flexibility in mine. The mom taxi is always available.

  3. Wait a minute, you speak of 11 minute miles as if they are slow? If you can finish a half with 11 minute miles you are doing great. Well, that's my opinion anyway. With that kind of run time, I don't think you will have trouble at SOMA. Nice job on the training week. I hope "Baboo" worked in a nice taper period for ya. Take care

  4. Sorry to mislead you. 11 minute mile is my sprint race pace in a normal order triathlon.
    14-15 minute miles are my marathon pace.

  5. Good for you! It's never easy to stick to *anything* perfectly for a week, including training. But, it feels oh so good when we do!

  6. Oh, and btw, I agree with Benny -- 11 minute miles still get us there! :)

  7. Nice job sticking with the plan.

    You've got to give yourself more credit, too. You're not really slow or weak- at least not in comparison with the millions of couch potatoes. Many of us will always be slow compared with the more serious triathletes- but we'll get to the finish, too!

  8. that's how it starts, you know. first you do one whole week of hitting all your training workouts... then next it's two... next thing you know, you have to work out every day or else you threaten your boss with a sawed off pencil. watch yourself... this could get ugly.

  9. Hey there..
    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your Athena blog! I am also an Athena... and started Tris this year. I live in POCATELLO, Idaho... Did you ever make it to the tri here? I saw on one of your entries that you were coming this way. Did I see you? I hope to meet you someday! Here's my blog -
    See ya.. Keep it up!

  10. i got one word for ya sweetie...yay! as in, yay you - nytro is right. soon you'll be bouncing around and your colleagues will be all, 'isn't she a triathlete? wtf, she should be tired like the rest of us.'

  11. OOHH! Fair-weather cyclists! SCARRRY!!!
    They are out in droves here too..
    loved the "Family-dollar bikes" description!
    Hope your knee feels better!
    Congrats on the full week of's why I write my sessions down AFTER I do them now. It was getting maddening not being able to cross things off!

  12. Congratulations, loved your post, watch that knee!


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