Thursday, April 28, 2005

30 pounds down, and feeling Giddy.

Mood:: Giddy. Music: Liz Phair
Image Left: where do we get our fat from?
It's just 2-1/2 weeks now until finals (at work, that is) and finals are next week at school. I'm pretty happy, because it's been a long year. I sold my prep last week, meaning that now instead of a planning period I'm teaching another class - 8th-grade science. It makes for a long day, 7:10 to 2:45, with a 20-minute break in the middle. Also, I took 27 credits during 2004 and 15 this spring, and I'm just about done. This summer, I'll take a couple art classes at the rec center, but mostly I'm just going to work part-time at the counseling center, bike, and swim.
I'm crazy with impatience because my wrist is healing SO SSLLLOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLYY!!!!We joined a great gym, Riverpoint, and I'm going for one of my first personal trainer appointments soon. Brian, my husband, is training for a triatholon that he's going to be in next weekend. He's lost almost 30 pounds as well. Hey, how come since I turned 40 I have these weird bruises on my leg? Can anyone tell me that? I had an end of semester get-together and it was fun. Wine and munchies.

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