Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Weight: 167 pounds.
I like this picture. It's from one of my favorite moview, "Supersize me". If you haven't seen this, run, or waddle, over to get the DVD.

Mood: Restless. Music: Craig ChaquicoWe went to see Craig Chaquico last week. Right now I'm listening to "sacred ground". It's very nice stuffMy students (Gosh, I do have the best job in the world, I have to admit that) ask me, "Hey, Mrs. Pilgrim, what are you doing this summer?" Well, Virgina, there is a summer, and there is life outside of school.
I'm going to take one class on sand tray and art expressive therapy, and work p/t at the community counseling center downtown, seeing clients. I'll be taking on my third client this week. My goal is the ride the bike downtown as often as possible, after parking at the gym, and either lift or swim in the afternoon. I'm also hoping to get a counseling job this summer. I've become less concerned about how I look now and more concerned with strength and agility. I remember how strong I was when I lifted weights about 3 years ago. When I was doing leg lifts and squats I would bound up the stairs, and that's a pretty powerful feeling. I think lifting weights is something every woman out to do - it's very empowering. I'ts hard to feel like the "weaker" sex when you feel that strong. I'm pretty happy wearing a size 12 (I'm now a minority: More than half adult Americans are overweight, and of these, nearly a third are obese (that works out to nearly a fifth of all Americans who are at least 50% over their body weight.)At 169 pounds, I'm no longer obsese, just overweight. But I'm healthy. Most of my clothes are this size, and summer's a-comin'.

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