Monday, December 12, 2005

First race, 2005-2006 Season

December 10th - Polar Bear Triathlon at White Sands Missile Range.
What a great race! Yes, it was c-c-cold, but it was perfect for a reverse triathlon. Although I'm still PAINFULLY slow, I had two goals: new PR, and don't be dead last.
Coming in on the 5K, I was just behind a race walker. I kicked it just ahead of her, more for personal pride than anything - if you've read my previous posts, you know that my ass has been kicked by a 60-year-old and an 11-year-old; I'm darned if I'm going to come in after a walker, too. Anyway, new PR on the run: a little over an 11 minute mile.
The 18.6-mile bike was a nice course, mostly flat and wind-y. My fingers were frosty - (note to self: next time remember that the gloves were in your helmet was so you'd remember to wear them) NOW, in on the bike, then off with the leg warmers, jacket, arm warmers, shoes, socks...jump in the pool for the 400 meters. Husband ran too, set a new PR, I think, and got 1st place the Clydesdale. Son ran too. He didn't place, but did pretty well. Had his first on course flat tire. Good learning experience.
Results: 3rd place, Athena Division
Dog count: One person was forward enough to bring their dog into the restaurant where the pasta meal was served afterwards. Jeez!

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