Tuesday, December 13, 2005

GOALS, 2006

Okay, so here are my goals for 2006
Mainly, improve run and swim time dramatically, and bike time somewhat.
Spin classes at least twice a week: bike 18 miles flat in 1 hour.
Swimming at least 3 times a week, sub 10 minutes for 400 m. swim
Running: start speedwork to improve 5K times, 1 long run every week, sub 10-minute mile.
Run 3 full marathons (Lost Dutchman in Feb; Fiesta in April, and Duke City in October)
Run several 10K's throughout the year.
Run at least 8 triathlons to qualify for the SW Challenge series

Take 1 art class, and belly dancing. Maybe start ASL.

obtain LPC liscense, try to talk RR into creating an Athletic counselor position at the high school, graduate with 2nd MA

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