Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen.

1. I was worried about IT band syndrome after Palo Duro last week wearing NB811s. I recalled that the last time I wore these for trail running, I developed IT band syndrome. Suffice to say, they are now is trail shoe heaven.  The IB stuff has since gradually faded to nothing.
So, I asked the guys at the Albuquerque Running Store if shoes cause IT band syndrome, and if so, how?  The told me it would have to be over correction, shoes that throw your feet to the outside, putting a strain on the IT band. 

2. My beloved New Balance 768s, which i started wearing in 2006, got redesigned. Well, of COURSE they did. The men in black heard that I loved those shoes. They redesigned them on a different base with a narrow box and now they don't work for long runs any more. Bastards.
So, I'm going to step out of the N 1) stability, 2) cushioning, and 3) trail sole. Meanwhile, a bitter email to New Balance is in order. DO YOU HEAR THAT? NEW BALANCE?  YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER!!!!

3. I'm watching a TV show with a baby in it and seriously, that child ain't right. Looks like he's touched by something.

4. I watch way too much TV.

5. I got two phone calls from two kids this week. One of them wanted to know how long to let an older alcoholic, unemployed homeless adult relative use this person's home for storage.  The other one wanted to know how one gets a passport. All in all, I prefer the latter type of question from my children.

6. Not long ago, Sweet Baboo was thumbing through a Trail Runner magazine, and I heard him make a noise.  I glanced over and saw these:

Oh-h-h-h-h-h-hhh!  Why didn't anyone tell me?
Must.  Have.....  Sexy..... Toe.....  Compression socks.

7.  They put up the Palo Duro results, and they show me at 8:00:11.  LIARS!  11 seconds is how long it took me, at least, before I made it to the start line, from my spot in the back of the pack.  At Least. 

8.  "Hey, let's go for a walk," Baboo said one evening.

"What kind of walk," I asked, suspiciously.

"Oh, just a short walk.  I don't want to be out too long," he answered.  Here's our evening walk: It included some bouldering.

9.  I've run 137 miles this month so far.  Will I get to 150 before the end of the month??  Will I????

10.  Well, if I do, I might have to do it by treadmill.  Last week, we had a very nasty rainy day with hail and everything.  I spend a goodly portion of the day Saturday cleaning out the garage, and then Baboo followed up and hung up the bikes and organized all the rest. The next time the weather is cruddy, I'll have my own gym.

11. Okay, I wrote number 10 on Sunday.  This was yesterday.  The downside was that I haven't yet made myself some screw shoes for running when it's snowy.  But that was okay because....

This is the garage now.  It doesn't look like much, but it's got a huge tv.  I got to try out the arrangement today.  It's wonderfully chilly in there, but not too chilly, for running, cycling (onthe trainer) and weight-lifting.  I can do quick bricks and circuit.  Cool! 

12. I'm crewing at the Javelina 100 this weekend.  Baboo is doing it.  I'm going to set up a tent for him. I'll also be pacing him on one of his loops.  I'll put up a link to track him online when I get one.  He's\numbe 192 and their website has a way to track him.  (Shh.  He has had one successful 100 to date...
cheer silently but feverently for the Sweet Baboo!

13.  I just spent some time workingo on Sweet Baboo's new Shuffle.  I've discovered that Falco makes for good running songs.  When asked: Falco.



  1. Good luck to SB, and have fun crewing and pacing!

  2. I <3 your thursday thirteen.

  3. New Balance did that to me too! I was so upset! They also have lost me as a customer since I had to buy a pair of Brooks instead.

  4. Falco?! Holy crap, that is taking me way back to high school. I loved them!

    good luck to Sweet Baboo and crewing for you.

  5. I am beginning to HATE shoe companies and their constant "upgrades" . . . it seems I can never buy the same shoe twice. Also, I am interested in these "screw shoes" you mentioned . . . do you have any more info?

  6. I hate it when companies redesign shoes...they always screw with a good thing!
    Good luck to SB!

  7. I wondered if a shuffle might be easier to use than a nano
    - now I have Falco as an earworm! Thanks - not!
    What a wonderful garage.
    Good luck to SB!

  8. OMG I am tempted to go to my garage and take a photo - it looks almost exactly like yours! People think it's funny when I tell them I'm running on my TM but I have to dress just like it's outside because it's in a garage.


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