Monday, November 02, 2009

Javelina 100, in pictures, with commentary, mostly kind.

Note: Sweet Baboo's race report is up.

Seen at the Phoenix airport.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone out there, but every time I find myself in Phoenix there is always a point where I look around and think, "what.  I'm here again?"

You see, ultra runners are not hotel people, for the most part.  They are camping people.  And so are their crew. 

The trophy table.  Where you can finger an actual finisher's buckle.

Buckles are the big thing in ultra running.  Everyone wants a buckle.  you can wear a buckle.  It's serious street cred to have one.  If one encounters another ultra runner, sometimes their eyes dart to see if you're sporting one. 

The Dead Last award.

Seriously awesome. 

One of the few races where you can get your feet taped.  This helps prevent blisters. 


The aftermath...

The Phoenix airport (above).

..and home, the next day, working on his race report



  1. you two are THE GREATEST

  2. Ha ha! Love it!

  3. LOL, great pics. BTW: check this in todays NYTimes re slow runners in marathons

  4. Great pics! I wonder why someone would need a fur coat in Phoenix...guess they were coming from a colder and less fashionable part of the country.

    My friend was just telling me about the belt buckles right after he completed the NYC marathon. I wondered if he was hinting at something.

    Yeah Sweet Baboo!

  5. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Love the 'Dead Last' trophy! That is worth slowing down for...

    Congrats to Sweet Baboo! Nice work, both of you.

  6. Thanks for the pics and the post. I love the dead last trophy, and as one who has DFL'd in numerous races, it's cool to think it could be something I'd be rewarded for. Hmmm. Seriously, I enjoyed this post and will have to check out Baboo's report . . . though I have yet to run a marathon (it's coming), but the more I hear about ultras the more I think it might be the type of running for me . . .

  7. How cool are your pictures!!!

    I really enjoyed seeing you at JJ100 and subsequently at the Pheonix airport.

    I wish you the best on all your upcoming races and events and look forward to reading about them on your blog.


  8. Anonymous4:10 PM

    those are awesome pics!! thanks for taking us along for the ride

  9. that's the right attitude for the last runner. everyone who finishes is amazing. the one who comes in last is best.
    the guy who came in last at the thai temple run we did in 2005 said, "I guess I enjoyed it the most."


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