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It's never too late to be what you might have been. --George Eliot

Athena is the Goddess of wisdom and war. In 2005, I declared war on my own bad tendencies: sloth, being fat, compacency, and being too old for adventure. This is the story of how I went from being someone who never stood when she could sit, to being an ultrarunner, marathoner, and triathlete. Along the way I've cried, laughed, fallen, gotten up, lost, won, hallucinated, been dehydrated, DNF'ed, and been DFL.
I also swear. Alot.
"You're never too old to be what you might have been" --George Eliot

Monday, July 26, 2010

Leadville Weekend pictures

First, you should know that we stayed in the "white-tailed deer" room at the Rio Grande Motel.  It was like a scavenger hunt.  I couldn't wait to see what would have deer on it next!


This is the cabin ruins that are near the top of Hope Pass.

Nice, huh?  It's almost pretty enough to be Windows Wallpaper!
My attempt to look as cute in my self-pictures as RBR does...


  1. My husband would have LOVED the deer room!

  2. Look at that! You don't even need me! Very cute!

    Now we expect more of these. Plus you can move on to master the group self portrait. People always tell me "You can't get us all in." ppft. Clearly, they just met me!

    God, it is soo beautiful there! What a great place to suffer! ;)

    Oh and I stayed in a Travel Lodge room once that was COVERED in the Travel Bear logo. Drapes, bedspread, lampcovers, you name it. But I think the deer room takes the cake.

  3. Lord have mercy...they DO park like that!


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