Friday, January 14, 2005

I eat like a 300 pound man.

Today I started keeping track of the foods I eat. For my height and weight, my immediate goal (losing 10% of my current weight) should involve eating 24 units per day. Earlier in the day, I'm horrified to learn that I've been eating about twice that. I do love my food. I've been eating to maintain a lineman's frame, but sadly, I am indeed NOT a lineman. :-( Today, I wound up "borrowing" from my weekly "flex" points, eating a total of 35 points for the day. Yikes. I had no idea I was eating so much!
Food diary:Breakfast: 2 packages of instant oatmeal, a quad vanilla soy latteLunch: a korean kim-chee noodle bowl, a can of greenbeans, green tea with splenda. Snack: half cup of apple sauce, piece of chocolate peanut butter pieSupper: rice/lentil mixture with vegetarian sausage and vegetables, crystal light. Piece of chocolate peanut-butter pie.

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