Thursday, August 04, 2005

New classroom, new swimming PR

Okay, so I went to check out my new classroom today - it's HUGE but there's only 8 tables. I expect to have 30-ish students. That means 4 students per table. I guess I can adapt. What's cool, though, is that I have sinks in there. neat-o! I started putting up all my warm-and-fuzzy posters. You know the kind that teachers put up, motivational messages with bright colors that say things like, "Positive attitudes only beyond this point!" and, "today is a great day to learn something new!!"

In training news, I upgraded my "goals" section (on the left). I honestly thought that I'd barely be able to get to 500 meters without stopping by September 10th. However, I did my training program for swimming today, and I did 6 sets of 75 meter runs, practicing my flip turns, and 4 sets of 50 meter runs. Now quick, add that up. No fingers! After each run I did about 20 seconds rest. After I was done I squinted up at the clock (very nearsighted, you see) and then I frowned: surely that couldn't have just taken me 15 minutes? But it did! So now in an attempt to challenge myself, I've made my new goal 10 to 15 minutes with no rests.

Now, here's a question I've been harassing everyone with all week. If I can go to Wal-Green and get a pair of reading (far-sighted) glasses without a prescription, why can't I get a pair of nearsighted glasses without prescription? Speedo has started making optical swim goggles for nearsighted people, and you can buy them without a prescription. Why can't I get a pair of nearsighted glasses without going to an opticical dispenser? You can't tell me that creating a pair of nearsighted glasses costs what they're charging me, and why can't they be mass produced? I'm cranky, because I want a pair of cool aerodynamic sunglasses, but the prescription ones are reallllly expensive. I've been nearsighted since I was 10. I finally sent a copy of this question to the national eye institute and the american board of optometry. We'll see what they have to say.

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