Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Finally. An excuse for more sugar and caffeine.

Like I needed one.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, will introduce new carbonated drinks that are fortified with vitamins and minerals: Diet Coke Plus and Tava, which is PepsiCo’s new offering.

I can't help but wonder if this is, partially, a response to the latest legislation that is occuring in some states to ban soft drinks in school vending machines. In our state, for instance, Governor Bill Richardson enacted a ban against certain softdrinks being sold in elementary and middle schools. I've already noticed a decrease in headaches among my students.

Pretty soon we'll be seeing people carrying their 52-ounce xtreme gulp mugs saying, "but it's healthy!"
Personally, I'm not a cola or even, for the most part, a carbonated drink fan. But if they ever come out with vitamin-fortified caffeinated Hawaiin punch, I'm all over that baby.


  1. What's next? Vitamin-fortified water? Oh, wait, we already have that...

    Another one that mystifies me is sugar-free energy drink. Uh.... so where does the energy come from? Caffeine, I guess, and the ubiquitous vitamins and minerals...

  2. ewwww!
    Thanks for the advice about the tri-suit. I have bought one & will try it out in 2 weeks!

  3. I just never understood the cola thing, but I think I'm addicted to fizzy water. If they put vitamins in my fizzy, then I could justify the enormous amount we buy!


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