Friday, March 23, 2007

spring break

Okay; let's try this again, since Blogger is having some kind of major brain fart.

Oh, forget it. I don't want to write all that again. let's see, I said that my spring break starts at 11 am today; Sweet Baboo and I are headed to Alpine Texas to Sul Ross U, to do the Sully Sprint. It's a reverse (I think) mini-sprint.
(The original post had links to it but then Blogger said "there was an error" and wouldn't post it and the whole thing I wrote disappeared into cyber space and I'm too lazy to put in new ones. Just google it.)
So let's see: I'm largely untrained, due to the 2.5 weeks I've spent coughing, gagging, and clearing my throat and the week I've spent having parent-teacher conferences every single day after school.
yeah. This should be just fine.
After that we're going for a quick visit to San Antonio to Sweet Baboo's mom's house, where I'll read, nap, and drink gallons of Sweet Tea. Mini-baboo is staying here because, for all his delightfulness he IS a teenage boy and I need a break. Taking his place in annoying me will be Mr. Mucus, seen above, right. We're taking our weird vegan foodstuffs and a large amount of Mucinex. I'll have my race report up after the Sully!


  1. Enjoy your break!

  2. Enjoy that sweet tea...I assume you're going to Bill Miller's? That's the only place in San Antonio I can think of that has it! Happy Spring!

  3. Thanks for being the one who wrote about Mr. Mucus...he's been hanging around here way too long!
    (Glad he has moved into New Mexico/Texas...not really...feel better soon and just use the race as a way to "clean out your carbuerator! Or However it's spelled!)
    Can't wait to read the report!

  4. Don't do Bill Miller's, unless he's started offering BBQ tofu...or BBQ seitan. (The vegan thing, you know.)


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