Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy day.

Busy day planned.

I'm taking Sweet baboo to the airport this morning so he can officiate at a triathlon in Dallas. Then, I'm taking mini-baboo over to the high school so he can go to his cross country meet. This means I'm home alone for nearly an entire day.

It's rare that I'm left with nothing but the ticking of the clock and the sound of the cats scratching in the cat box. At least, I hope it's the cat box.

But I have so much to do. I figure first, I'll take an 8-hour nap alternate between working on my paper (yes, The Paper continues to plague me and haunt my dreams in its unfinished state) while taking periodic breaks to Eat some macaroni and cheese work on cleaning my room. I vowed that I would clean this the last time Sweet Baboo was out of town, but then something terrible happened. I got lazy.

Around noon I'll wake up, maybe get dressed take a break from cleaning and the paper to head over to NMHU to see what my professor has to say about it. So far, all I've gotten is an ever-unhelpful, "your title page is not in APA format." Who gives a $hit about that? Formatting your TITLE PAGE should be the last worry or concern. I hoping that she has comments about the content when I pick it up.

Anyway, All this while an assorted of old movies and "House," season 3 uplifting music plays in the background. After I've gotten tired of watching TV for 6 hours finished the first two sections of my paper and cleaned my side of the room, I'll probably take another nap be on the trainer most of the afternoon, while waiting for Mini Baboo to call and say, "come pick me up."
If I get the first two sections done before 2, I'll watch some more TV start working on my dossier.

FYI, My "dossier" is this nightmarish thing that the state of New Mexico came up with a few years back so that anyone who has been teaching for at least 6 years and has a master's degree can prove that they can 1) read 2) write, and 3) teach. In other words, I will write a very long paper, complete with examples of student work, that I can do what I've been doing for about 8 years. I don't have to do it. Unless, that is, I want a raise. Meh.
Since it is such a big undertaking. I've taken a leave of absence from the counseling center where I work part time until after December to give me time to finish the dossier and the paper and defend my paper.

My incentive to getting all this done today is so that Sunday I can go to the Church of the Dusty Trail. In other words, after a solid breakfast at 3 am or so, I'll lay down for a couple hours and then around 6 am, head for a 15-mile run on the mean (graded, but unpaved) streets of Rio Rancho.

At some point, I'll turn east and watch the "Farewell Mass Ascension." This week has been the balloon fiesta, and Sunday is the last day. It's supposed to be clear, and in the upper 30's or low 40's. Bliss!

After all that I shall celebrate with a margarita, cookies, and a can of frosting by making myself a Recoverite smoothie. With ice creme. With sherbert.



  1. I say go for the TV..

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Thanks for the laugh...this cracked me up! I think you should definitely take some time to watch "House" (love that show), and I would choose the crossed-out recovery rewards any day over the smoothie.

  3. I personally like the biggest loser with my friends Ben and Jerry.

  4. Sounds like my kinda day! (I am having it right now!) :-) 'cept I need to go buy the ice cream!

  5. Psst.... you should turn off the "Track Changes" setting or you-know-who is going to know about your House marathon....
    Good luck with all that. I'd be tempted to fast forward to the margaritas and leave the rest for a rainy day, but hey thats just how I roll.

  6. I love those kind of days when you have the house to yourself.

  7. really did have a nice day planned. You are just - well - how do I say this? INSANE!! Go for the first list and feel no guilt later when you are drunk and on the floor laughing at how "bad" you were!!

    Okay. I know. Reality always bites us in the ass doesn't it?

  8. I think you deserve a lazy dau on occasion. You've been a Mom for how long? Mom's don't get breakd often. Enjoy them, relish the down time!


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