Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Return of sexy toe socks.

So I work at a high school and one of the other teachers' daughters was running the Chicago marathon (the one they just had) and asked if there was anything she could do for her daughter because she heard it was "going to be warm."

Now, take a smug moment to notice that she did not ask this question of the myriad of coaches, athletic trainers, physical education majors and PE admin and teachers running amok...Oh no. For this kind of advice, you go to the resident endurance freak.

Oh, yeah. they may roll their eyes about that crazy weirdo and her ironman thing and what have you... until they need advice...

So I said, get your daughter a hand-held water bottle, some Nuun and some sexy toe socks, baby! She headed to REI and did just that and later said, "Hey did you know? That Nuun stuff is expensive!"

So today I asked her today how her daughter did...and was told her daughter took a hand-held bottle per my advice, and mixed her own Nuun on the run, didn't have any trouble with the heat. But most of all, "MOM! NO BLISTERS!"

Oh yeah, baby. Sexy toe socks strike again.

Every office environment, school, and neighborhood ought ot have its own resident endurance freak. No need to thank us. We're here to help.

Meanwhile, I've sort of kind of started my building up for my marathon in Mississippi. Of course, I'm still doing Soma at the end of this month, but then I'm "off season" and I'll switching to spin class (because I'm a cold weenie) while keeping up with the swimming, and being run-focused.

Update: I am now registered for the Black Warrior 50K trail run in Moulton, Alabama, my first ultra.

It's so weird that I like running as much as I do when I'm so damned slow at it. But, there it is. Yesterday, for instance, I found a great 4.25 mile loop near my house for my short runs. It starts off at a low downhill grade, ends with a low downhill grade, and in the middle, has several rollers. It was nearly the perfect run except that I forgot my inhaler, and the temperature has dropped sharply here which makes me weaze a bit. Yeah. Asthma slowed me down a bit.

Oh, and the glasses. it was pitch dark, and I'm near sighted. But I only tripped once.

I do the weirdest things to myself sometimes. Running in the dark cold morning with no asthma inhaler or glasses is just one of them. Another one was accidentally dropping my Garmin on the driveway before I left for work a couple weeks ago and then, not knowing it was there, running over it.

Yes, you read that right.

My Garmin has been replaced twice now. It is the world's most expensive wristwatch, ever. How can Sweet Baboo stand me, I wonder sometimes. And then I remember: there's not too many strict veggie over-edumacated Ironman chicks running around to replace me with. And, I'm low drama.

But I still feel bad about the Garmin.

Anyway. This weekend I have a 15-mile run, which I'll be doing around Rio Rancho, where I live. I'm sticking to the neighborhood from now on because of the abundance of hills and roads that are graded but not paved. I'll get lots of lovely hill work in so that I'll be ready to do my first ultra-marathon.

Meanwhile, I'm looking to buy my first pair of gators to train for my first trail run and, I suppose, I'll need some trail shoes. Any suggestions? As for gators, I've been looking here, where I can also get matching accessories, like a head scarf and such. I especially like the pattern called, "Aztec" and for some reason, the purple snakeskin.

Of course, they'll have to match sexy toe socks. Unless, of course, I can find some other toe socks at even sexier than the ones I have.
....but wait, now there's Feelmax, in stripes! ohhhh. My. Gawd.



  1. Your post totally made me laugh because I have asthma and do those things too. Just Monday night I was running and had my handy inhaler right there in my pocket. I was getting wheezy right at the end of mile one and reached in the pocket to take out my inhaler...pffhhh...what? pfffhh...shake..shake...empty inhaler. What? Who takes an empty inhaler? SIGH. So I muttled through mile two at a dreadfully slow pace while wheezing and then went home. By the way, the only reason my asthma was bad to begin with was because I went for an hour bike ride in the wind on Sunday with no inhaler and that left me a bit wheezy for Monday. So anyway, I totally relate.

  2. You need dirty girl gaiters! at!

  3. Pirate already turned me on to dirtygirlgators - thanks! They are completely cool - the deal breaker will be weather either gator place is willing to make me a matching headscarf.

  4. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I love those striped toe socks! I got the injinji's after reading about them on your blog. Pink is my favorite...and no blisters! Now my teenage boys even wear them in black for football...they say they're so comfy. But, they hide them under their "manly" uniform socks :)

  5. I didn't know they even made those socks anymore!!!

  6. It's official-you are nuts! 50k???
    "All in the same day?"

  7. Oh My God. Where to begin???
    A- the pink Nathan bottle - have it, love it.
    2) They so need pink camo gaiters. I would really never need them (never say never) but I would so buy them.
    iii. Feelmax stripies are a must buy. Love it love it love it.
    d) I had to go back and re-read your sexy toe sock post and laughed my butt off at the whole "Highly Technical Underpants" part. very funny stuff there.

  8. Oh, You HAVE to get Bondi Bands to match! I love them. I wear them running, lifting, and under my cycling helmet to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

    very cool!

  9. Gators or Gaiters? I picture you running with alligator trail shoes on...
    I guess that would be cool too.
    Trail Ultras are just made for you! You are going to LOVE Them! Congrats on entering!

  10. Wow- an ultra 50k Too awesome.

    I have to say that I feel the Garmin can be so evil sometimes that it deserves to be run over.

  11. Okay, okay. Don't tease me. I'm new to this ultrarunning stuff and its weird jargon! Remember when we were new to triathlon, and said things like, "what's an aero tuck?"

  12. Hand-held bottle, really? Not the strap-around-your-waist kind? Isn't that really annoying after a while? (I found the waist-pack one really annoying - I really felt it slowed me down in my 10K!)

  13. In a few weeks, I'm running the NYC marathon and am freaking out about the Chicago mess. We had the same problem with running out of water at the Georgia Marathon. It reached 90 degrees and empty water stops for the first ten miles. I don't think I every had any real health issues during that race, however, mentally... I was counting on those water stops and it freaked me out that they weren't there. I decided after that I would always carry my own water...and have my cheering section (my husband) carry extra water, too.

    I'm trying to decide between the hand held bottle and the waist pack kind. I HATE the little water bottle fuel belts...they are so annoying.

  14. Okay, so let me try to comprehend this.

    You signed up to run a 50K. And nobody is making you do it, you just WANT to.

    Nope, I don't get it.

  15. Holly cow! A 50K trail run? U R my idol. Good luck @ Soma!


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