Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Misc.

Dood. I'm tellin' ya.

Thirteen hours of work and straight back-to-back parent-teacher conferences? Cha, it's like the best diet EVAR.
I forgot to schedule in some breaks so in between conferences I microwaved some Thai peanut noodle stuff and then about an hour later I ate it. That was lunch, at about 7 pm, giving me about, oh, 800 calories to that point.

Today's weight: 157 pounds. That's, um, x stone and, uh, y kilograms. You do the math. And don't ask me why we have to learn this or when are we ever going to need it.

I think I've injured myself. I have a pain that's kind of deep inside, toward the middle, on the left side where my leg beds. It's so deep inside it feels like it's almost into my buttock. It's a pissed-off tendon kind of pain. It started a couple weeks ago, but was just an occasional twinge. Then it became more incessant, and this morning, during morning PT (that's a euphemism, by the way. You figure out for what)
Anway, it (the injured tendon said, at the critical moment, said, "Uh, HELLO? PISSED OFF TENDON HERE!" Completely ruining my concentration.
I've been looking online, and I'm worried that it's whatever tendon is at the end of something called the adductor muscle. or the Psaois. Or something like that. It's more toward the front.

I don't think it's enough to keep me out of Soma. I'll take Vitamin I for the run and pretend I don't know all the horror stories. Then after Soma, I'll rest it a bit. If I have to, I'll head to my family doctor and get an injection.

But it's all good. After all, I'm eating EasyMac and wearing a skort. I don't care what you say, life's just better in a skort with a belly full of simple carbs and powdered cheese.

I need to eat more.

Never thought I'd say that.


  1. cheesy mac, a skort AND you've received a 'fabulous blogger' award :)
    sounds like a good day - except for the tendon. Not good. What did your physio say?

  2. Cheeeeeezzzzzzzzz! I'd write more but the drool...shorting out keyboard.

  3. I know I like life better when I'm in a skort :-)

  4. You're right, the psoas is more towards the front--from your lower spine forward. It's hard to tell, but pain could be coming from either piriformis, hamstring, or adductor muscle. The piriformis is deep inside the buttock and often just needs stretching and/or strengthening. You can tell if it's your hamstring by sitting down and putting your hand up against the bone that you're sitting on. This is where the hamstring's attach, to go down your leg to the knee. If the pain is there or below, could be hamstring. Like I said, it's hard to tell from "pissed off tendon description." "Deep inside" sounds like piriformis. "Where my leg bends could be hamstring". Towards the middle and front" could be adductor or other. Hard to say. Hope this helps to differentiate. (pic you posted is adductor and gracilis).
    Either can easily become chronic. Do something now about it--like seeing a P.T. or resting, mx, ice (?), stretch and appropriate light exercise. Like I said--hard to tell....

  5. I'll be praying for your leg and your race. You meetin' up with all the bloggers that will be there?

    Have fun!!

  6. Good luck on your race! Your blog rocks!

  7. Hey good luck in AZ I know you will do well! I love your cartoons!

  8. Eat more!!! I love it!

  9. "life's just better in a skort with a belly full of simple carbs and powdered cheese."

    That it just about the funniest sentence I've ever read.

    Yeah, after almost 30 years of dieting, when I first said "i need to eat more" I though I had gone crazy.


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