Saturday, August 22, 2009

Formula 1 Triathlon at the Bottomless lakes

800 m swim, 14k bike, 4k run, 14k bike, 4k run. It is essentially the Bottomless Lakes Triathlon course, done twice.

Draft legal.

Expected high: 99 degrees F.

So the first thing I noticed when I came into T2, after completing the first loop of this evil, weird, hot, fun little sprint was Sweet Baboo's bike, parked opposite of mine. This meant he was out on the first loop of the run. This, in itself, was not unusual. What was unusual was that his bike did not have a seat.

To be more precise, the seat and its attached post were lying on the ground next to the bike. It seemed to me that this was not the best way to be prepared for loop 2 of the bike.

As I was switching my helmet for a running hat, my bike shoes for running shoes, and grabbing a water bottle and race belt, I asked a volunteer standing nearby about the bike. Oh, that guy - I guess he lost a part and his seat came off. He rode his bike in on his pedals, holding his seat.

Well, of course he did.

I went out onto the first loop of the run, wondering if he would continue the race. Well, of course he would, I thought. I saw him, coming back on the out-and-back 4k run, and yelled out to him: If you pull this off, you're going to be a legend! He whooped at me.

Of course, of course - when I came back into T3 (you read that right - T3) and switched back into cycling gear to do the 2nd 14k loop, of course, his bike was gone. This is an extremely bumpy ride, by the way. Sweet Baboo did half of the first loop of the bike standing up, ran 4k, did the second loop of the bike on his pedals, and then ran the 2nd 4k, and got 2nd place Clydesdale. I married a stud.

I'm a studdette, I guess. I got 2nd place Athena, and a darker tan. I'm SO not going to have the same youthful, lily-white skin my mom had when I reach my 50s. But I got me some bling.



  1. Yep stud and studette status!


  3. Well done GG! (SB definitely deserves extra credit on this one!)

  4. You're both awesome! Way to go!

  5. Anonymous7:06 AM

    love this. way to go

  6. Ultimately we all get old and wrinkly so 3 cheers for bling - and for Mr. and Mrs. Studly. You 2 are amazing.

  7. So cool! Yes, there should be a "Mr and Mrs Studly "award!

    The biking with no seat is just crazy...but I can see him doing this! Legend-of COURSE!

  8. Anonymous8:26 AM

    yes...studs INDEED!!!


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