Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Thirteen.

1. Yesterday, while on the phone to DP (who was collecting her health food at "chick-fil-a") I reached into a box of ace bandages and tape that I keep high up on a shelf in my laundry room. In it were my lost keys that I misplaced in June, and have already replaced. I knew I'd find them, I just figured it would be in a place that made sense.

2. I figured out that the climb at Ironman Utah isn't as
bad as I thought it was. It climbs 1800-2000 feet over 30 miles, which is a grind, but not as bad as a local climb I practice on; Tramway climbs 1000 feet over 6 miles which is considerably steeper

3. Yesterday morning it was 54 degrees out. Ahhhh. This is my favorite time of year in the Land of Enchantment: chilly mornings and warm afternoons.

4. It's probably presumptuous of me to say it, okay write it, out loud, but there it is. My hair, my skin, myself: I Look Cute Today. I don't even feel fat.

5. My left foot hurts. I'll be wearing ugly shoes until it stops.

6. My law class is pretty interesting, but the textbook is the world's most boring book. Psychopharmacology is, HANDS DOWN, the coolest, most interesting class I've ever taken.

7. No job callbacks yet. I'm giving myself 2 weeks from today to start getting interviews, and if there are none, then I'll start taking on more clients at the counseling center. Something is better than nothing, even if 40% of the time clients fail to show. I'm really PISSED at the center director for changing his mind about the intakes position AFTER school already started.

8. A few men have shared with me that when they took a class in multiculturalism, they were terrified to open their mouth to contribute opinions, as they get shouted down as the "oppressors". It's a shame, too.
I've been doing some reading of published research, and although most adults in need of social services are men, only 15% of social workers are. I'm working on a project for advanced research class on "Men as an underrepresented population in social work." I expect it to be politically incorrect and draw the ire of several angry women. Bring it on. In my opinion, being a feminist means paying attention to all populations in need of help, not just the ones you think should need help.

9. Favorite line from the new "Hoarders" series: I wouldn't classify myself as a hoarder...I'm a saver" Um, yeah. And I don't have anxiety, I'm just a bit edgy.

10. One of our favorite (Sweet Baboo and I) favorite things to watch is the evacuation of the hills. This is the phenomenon that occurs during a sudden downpour. Hikers, walkers, mountain bikers, and runners come pouring down out of the hills running like hell for their cars. There's always that one person who saunters. Usually a man, he's all, what the hell - I'm already wet. I'm unemployed; this is cheap entertainment.

11. I've worked since I was 15 years old, and the last time I was unemployed was in 1990, when I spent about 14 months to see if I'd like being a "housewife". I had three children under six and thought I would lose my freaking mind. So I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

12. I need to come up with a schedule, while I'm home, to keep me on task and organized. I need a system.

13. Take a look this woman, who is featured in a recent copy of Glamour magazine. DP sent me this link, and when I first saw her, I was startled: hey, how did that stranger get my ruined stomach? Kinda puts things in perspective, huh? She is a "plus-sized" model. I mean, She's gorgeous.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    OK, this is a great post! I think you should write about the men, I'd personally love to read it when you're done.

    You ARE cute, and are NOT fat! :)

    I also have the ruined belly too. We're all in this together, sistah!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. my dad is a hoarder; it's a problem. I didn't know there was a show about it.

    That woman is beautiful! I have her tummy too, thanks to 9 months of pregnant bliss when I didn't care what my shape was.

  3. Had this gal been swanning about at any point in history but the past 75 or so years, the Greeks would have sculpted her, Rubens would have painted her, and Picasso would have put her nose where her ass is. Our vision has become slightly skewed me thinks.

  4. Glad you're feeling cute. That's a good sign.

    I've got that same saggy belly too! Comes from having two giant babies too close together. OK, actually it was from me overeating while pregnant-- I used to scare small children! :) (But that was 20 years ago, she wails!)

    We're savers too. You never know when you might need that old mattress right?


  5. Interesting thoughts on your class. I took a Social Work class last spring, and my professor offered some evidence that men are still payed more than women in the social work field, even at the director level. Interesting, no?

    I agree that men are hugely under-represented in social work, to everyone's detriment. However, I think that in social work, like nursing, part of the problem is the feminization of the profession. Women suffer from discrimination and lower salaries in femizined professions, yet I feel like I hear less concern about raising the level of respect accorded to these jobs than I hear about how they're closed to men. Aren't they unattractive to men because men have actively devalued them?

    I'd love to see your paper. :)


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