Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

  1. This weekend I'm doing a sprint in the Southwest Challenge Series, my 5th race in that serious this year so far. It's always hot, and there is always a cacophony of cicadas to scream and make it feel even hotter.

  2. I think my swim is getting faster. This won't make much difference overall in the longer events, but I'd love to pull off the swim I had at Ironman Louisville in '07.

  3. I'm letting Baboo drag me around on various training exercises. Oh, how I figit, and stall...but it's always worth it, in the end. "LUCKY" DP mentioned the Ironman Utah craziness that involves a 20-mile climb. Twice. Oh, yes - I'll have to be ready for this.
  4. I have been totally sucked into the drama that is .

  5. I'm wearing my favorite skirt today. Everyone ought to have one of these. It's comfy, makes me look good across 3 dress sizes, goes with everything, and seems to have been made of some space-age material, becuase I've had it forever and it has no signs of wear.

  6. I'm stunned at how much lower my basal metabolic rate is now that I'm not on my feet teaching.
    So, to summarize: I have to eat less, and I don't get summers off. Am I sure that this was a good move for me??*

  7. I suddenly realized I have no summer work clothes, since I haven't worked a summer since 1989. "LUCKY" DP has turned me onto online shopping, so now I'm broke. But, when the boxes arrives on my doorstep, it's like Christmas! In fact, it's better than Christmas - a guy drops the box, rings the bell, and drives away as I open the door and behold my package of goodies.

  8. We're going to be in Chicago August 7th anyway; anyone heard of the Bangs Lake triathlon? It claims a "challenging, hilly ride."

  9. I am working on cussing less.

  10. I have given up hope, and replaced all my lost keys. Crap. I'll probably find the lost ones tomorrow while reaching for some box of something somewhere.

  11. Last night’s ride was beastly. It was only 25 miles, but I am not used to heat yet. We took a longer way home and rode against a lively breeze from work over to Alameda, and then down to Edith. Some small shiny black bug bit the crap heck out of back of my neck. fucker. Stupid bug. Then to we worked our way around to Tramway. I was hot and feeling kind of sick so Sweet Baboo took us to a minimart and bought me ice cream and Gatorade. I sat in the shade for about 30 minutes until I felt better. (I know, I know. I'm a huge baby.)
    So. Then we headed up Tramway where there was no wind, no shade, OH, and did I mention I was riding my beastly heavy commuter bike? I think I was churning about 4mph on that 6 mile, 1000-foot ascent. My bottom hurt from front to back, and I was exhausted. Then, as the sun fell, gnats rose in swarms from the pavement toward me, crawling in my ears, nose, all over my arms, etc. At one point I stopped and lay down on my aero bars and started crying. I'm all sniveling and crying I hate this! I hate cycling! This sucks!-- sweaty and tired. We got home at dusk.
    Then, of course, I woke up at 5 am and went swimming.

    Of course, I’ll do it again next week. My goal is to try to outrun the gnats.

  12. Totals, for the first week of July: Bike, 71.01 Mi; Run, 17.7 Mi; Swim, 4650 M.
    I'm actually following an Ironman training plan now, more than ever before. I'm tried, cranky, foggy, and hungry. HUNGRY.

  13. My ride yesterday ended too late in the day for me to collapse into a plate of food, so I just collapsed into bed. According to my online calorie tracking program, I wound up with a 1300 calorie deficite for the day. I looked a bit sleeker this morning, but maybe I'm just horridly dehydrated. Who knows.

*I'm just kidding, of course.

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  1. I have to say, for what it's worth, I am a BIG fan of your Thursday Thirteen's!

    Re: Your Training- Total bad assery! Oops, does it count if someone else cusses? My bad.

    Re: No summer off - Yeah, this time of year it would be difficult to talk me out of teaching. :o)

    You have inspired me to suck it up and go swim tomorrow. If you can bike with gnats (oh, and you can not outrun those stupid things. Not even at light speed. They are everywhere!) I can man up and go swim 2000 yards in the stupid pool.
    Doing stupid laps.
    Over and over again.
    Stupid swimming.

  2. #9-OH NO!! I thought I had a fellow potty mouther here..
    Your mileage is making me feel guilty right now...

  3. Misty - a friend of mine bought a little bag for her cell phone that attaches to her keys. So she can call the cell when she loses her keys. Of course, if you lose the whole thing for real, then you are totally screwed! I'm enjoying reading about your training. Someday I'll be cool like you!

  4. OMG THAT IS SUCH A COOL IDEA! I did get a locator beacon thing that is on my keys now - the copies to make it beep are in my wallet and on Baboo's keys, but I will keep your idea in mind!


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