Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Geekgirl' Misty...

...misses FaceBook and its meaningless third person, ego-centric and narcissistic statuses (statii? Statussus?) which she cannot access at work

so she'll use Blogger instead. amazed and sickened at the calories in the cashew nuts she ate yesterday (she thought nuts were HEALTHY). even more amazed and sickened to find that a grande "skinny" white mocha is 420 calories. saddened that most of her former shall she say this delicately...refuse to take credit for their achievements, and insisting instead that it's all due to their deity. wondering how many people will be offended by the previous statement.

...finds that lately, she has the panicked feeling that time is running out.

...has begun to dislike her new job quite a bit; it's tedious and she misses working with patients.

...has an impossibly messy house.

...doesn't understand how one can be 5'6", size 12, and weigh 175 pounds. What are her bones made of, anyway? Galena? trying to determine how to respond to mini-Baboo's recent idiotic declaration from bootcamp about future intentions that he has no wherewithall to follow through on. wondering how to get her watch to stop beeping at 9 am and 11 am; having set these alarms and then imediately forgetting how to unset them. jonesing to see the new Harry Potter movie.

...made a lovely eggplant curry for lunch all this week, which almost makes up for the white mocha and cashews.

...did a 10k last night with Baboo, in which was amazingly slow. Incredibly slow. You would not believe how slow. (Okay - maybe you would).

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  1. Helen: not respond at all to mini Baboo, it will probably make him do the opposite of what you really want also amazed at the amount of calories and fat in a small amount of nuts and cannot figure out how to fit them in while trying to lose weight
    ...thinks that sizes are whack because she's now wearing a size 10 when 15 years ago at this same weight was a size 14
    ... enjoyed this post today.

  2. Time is so not running out for you. I have a feeling you have not even reached the peak of what you can do. Instead of worrying about that, you should totally go see the new Harry Potter. You will love it!

  3. Mini Baboo-say what?
    This must be someone in boot camp with him? Either that or they do not keep him busy enough there? Is he really at boot camp?

  4. Anonymous7:38 AM

    LOL! I love your blog, it always makes me smile...

    Oh, how I could have written this post, but know that the Harry Potter film is fantastic!!! :)

  5. Mrs. Pilgrim your sense of humor is spot on. Thanks for the chuckles.

  6. Eat raw Almonds instead (or even low salted roasted from T. Joes-they aren't quite as fatty as cashews but give that same satisfying crunch!)

    I bet my 10k this a.m. in soupy 80+ was just as or slower than yours! :-0

  7. Nuts deliver an awful lot for those calories, so I'd still put them in the "healthy" column.

    (e.g. effect of walnuts on LDL cholesterol, effect of walnuts on elasticity and flexibility of arteries, impact of Mediterranean diet plus nuts on incidence of metabolic syndrome, and the Greek EPIC prospective cohort study found nuts as one of the more important factors of the Mediterranean diet associated with lower mortality ratio)

  8. Anonymous9:59 AM

    -enjoyed the always....

    -stopped eating cashews and moved to almonds some time ago...still got alotta fat cals, though

    -get my caffeinated fix thru redline products...but still has one bloody crazy sweet tooth (so I don't know if starburts are much

    -think u are rocking and rollin along just fine. As my mentor says - trust your training.

  9. - Let Mini-Baboo be... Boot camp does strange things to your mind and you think of a LOT of different things (I remember an intense discussion of whether or not we could pull a "Stripes" escape at one point). His perspective (and her's) will change once they're out. Honest.

  10. Oh dear, you really have made me laugh! But at least if Mini-Baboo's lady friend is married already, the two of them will not be able to get (non-bigamously!) married any time soon...

  11. Oh, and pine nuts may act as an appetite suppressant.

  12. RBR is not a facebooker so she will get her third person fix here.

    RBR thinks mini-Baboo has lost has damn mind.

    As RBR's mother says, "If she will leave him for you, she will leave you for another him."

    RBR is OUTRAGED at Starbucks and their misleading drink names.

    She will only buy ONE coffee there today in a show of solidarity.

    RBR LOVES Thursday Thirteen!

  13. I think that most types of nuts have been found to act as an appetite suppressant, when a few are nibbled 20 minutes ahead of a meal. Large handsful, on the other hand, whilst in the throes of the munchies, are entirely another matter.

  14. I bet my most recent 10k training run was slower than yours LOL.

  15. is concerned about this 'time is running out' sensation. WTF? Time is an open road.

    I hope Mini-B knows that the military frowns heavily on adultery. Not that you should tell him.

    I'm going to investigate the Thursday 13. Not that I will ever be able to come up with 13 things but I might try.

  16. I am your same numbers, 5'6", size 12 sometimes 14, and weigh in the 170's. I run, not as much or as far as you. But I manage to out there and get my slow ass up the hills.

    So how can these numbers add up? Big boobs for one. I've got them. Big bones. I figure I've got those too. And decent muscle tone. Who knows? When you figure it out, let me know.


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