Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Healthy, The Unhealthy.

Yesterday morning, I got up and swam about 1100 meters.

I was kind of dehydrated from my workout the night before, so I got a skim milk latte.

With loads of real caramel syrup.

Then I gave a pint of blood, and afterwards, they gave me 100% juice

And cheese/peanut butter crackers.

I found out there was a health fair at work, and I went to that.

It was also an ice cream social. (yes, at a HOSPITAL HEALTH FAIR). I had 4 scoops, with whipped cream and caramel syrup.

And nuts.

And marachino cherries.

At the health fair, I got a free bicycle map, toothbrush, eyeglass repair kit, a free insulated lunch bag, and a guy measured my bodyfat percentage and told me I was in the high end of the "normal" range.

The body fat guy asked me if I ever did any exercise.

At 1 pm, I entered in all that I had eaten so far, the Daily Plate informed me: You may eat about 16 additional calories today.

So I decided to go for a run.

I found out that, according to the Mayo Clinic, donating blood burns about 650 calories.

What the hell. I took a walk instead.



  1. 8 "goods" and 4 "bads" averages to an overall good day!

    Skeptical cat made me snort with laughter.

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  3. Hi there. Found you from your comment on RBR's blog. I was horrified when you wrote that your Endo said you needed to cut out another 500 calories (to total 1200). You were kidding right? I could not live that way. I've never done a real accurate count, but my estimates of calories usually come out in the 1800+ range, and that's usually with some sense of indulgence. This guy at At Darwin's Table ( posted a BBC video showing what happens when you overfeed thin people. Some of them promptly got pudgy, but one guy in particular just built muscles (without working out) and his metabolic rate went up 30% ! So cutting calories alone just isn't the answer, I don't think, not sustainably, b/c you just can't suffer constant hunger without breaking down, right? It's been hard this week b/c I haven't been able to exercise hardly at all (bashed knee). I usually indulge in ~100 g carbs a day, which I thoroughly enjoy, but this week I've had to cut back more -if you don't burn that muscle glycogen, all those carbs just turn to fat right?

    Anyway, I have little confidence in conventional medical or nutrition advice these days. Some people who have interesting experience and ideas in the areas of athletics and body recomposition and that you may enjoy reading are: (these are serious tri guys you may already know about), (crossfit stuff), (ex-marathoner and triathlete), and (weightlifting?). My own weight loss and body recomposition is still coming along, but has slowed down a lot- I love to eat too. It seemed to take along time to get below 150, and now I'm still working on getting below 140- but the trend line is in the right direction still, so I think the low(er) carb approach is working still.

    I don't know if these thoughts are helpful or not, but come visit my blog and let me know what you think. Good luck with your training!


  4. Really? 650 calories? I'm a bit skeptical too... But it kinda makes me want to go donate blood!

  5. M'dear - you are hilarious!! Good luck at Bottomless Lakes this weekend. It promises to be HOT!

  6. Hilarious! Great post!

  7. I love it. I would hate to look at one of my days.

  8. Where do you come up with this stuff? How funny!

    But then I guess the best humor is real life, right?

  9. 650 calories for your body to manufacture a pint of blood to replace the amount donated - I can easily believe that. The non-water materials alone must account for a fair amount.


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