Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Thing I'm Smart, Because I'm Sure Not Handy.

This might sound snotty but it was my goal to get educated and be in a vocation such that I don't have to mess around with things like automatic sprinklers, and pay someone else to do that.

Not that I don't occasionally try. But it's satisfying to know that at some point, I can drop the screwdriver, butter knife, or nail file on the floor, say, screw this and get on my phone and call Hank, whose last name is Knows What He's Doing.

Hank Knows What He's Doing is not always available, though, so I will sometimes impulsively decide to "fix" something on my own rather than wait; this is why I decided to "fix" the errant pop-up rotor sprinkler head that is not rotating properly. Despite having read several tutorials, I still haven't figured out how to get it to aim a stream of water at a dying patch of grass instead of the side of the house, which tends not to need watering.

Which is why I woke up in the middle of the night with the sprinkler shooting water through the open window on my side of the bed.

2am: I woke up, a bit chilly, and my first thought was, this isn't your usual night sweat. I was sleeping with my back toward the window, and my second thought was, what is that hissing noise? I turned, and my hand brushed the side of the mattress, which was also wet, as was my pillow, and the back of my head. Holy cow, can I turn on the sweat!

Then I figured out that there was a fine mist spraying through the window screen, right at me.


So I closed the window. I'll call Hank Knows What He's Doing later.

Distances for July, So far: Bike, 169.41 Mi; Run, 22.5 Mi; Swim, 5150 M. I didn't run much last week. I've been focused more on my weakness, which of course is cycling. Yuck. It seems to be key to finishing earlier, so I'm focused on the positive: It's a good, low-impact way to work my legs between runs, and if I'm faster at it, I can get to run sooner, and really enjoy my run.

See? It's all about the reframing. Now, if I can just keep repeating that to myself over and over until I believe it. As long as Sweet Baboo can put up with my crying and hysterics I hate this. I suck at this. I'm never going to get faster! I feel light-headed!

This weekend, I'm doing The Santa Fe Triathlon. It's bike-swim-run. The bike leaves in waves, and then you swim, and then you run. It starts at 6:30 in the morning, which I love, on Saturday. There doesn't appear to be an Athena division, but that doesn't really matter to me; I'm just going to try to do my best. What else can I do?


  1. SB will put up with it, because bleating is your way of gettin' 'er done!
    That sprinkler story was too funny. I haven't had to mow the lawn since I ran over the sprinkler system with the mower LOL

  2. First you put your shorts on backwards, then you water yourself with the sprinkler...I am laughing at your mishaps, but M.--you are just too funny! At least with this heat, the bed (and you) will dry out fast.

  3. Congrats on your finish at Bottomless Lakes, Misty! So excited you're coming to our neck of the woods for the tri this weekend! My friend Danielle (who introduced herself to you at Jingle Bell) is competing. I'll be there to cheer for her and you!!

  4. Maya! Wait! Don't go! I have many, many questions about the SF Tri! me!

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  6. How did your tri go and what is the thought process of putting the biking first. I kinda like the idea of the swim in the middle.


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