Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 City of Santa Fe Sprint Triathlon

Elevation: 7000 feet.
Organization: Top notch. Here is a nice, well-run course. It's only in its second year, but you wouldn't know it; things run so smoothly. I LOVED that it started bright and early (6:30 am) and that we were done and outta there in time for breakfast!
SCHWAG: Very nice. Water bottle, bottled water, 2 energy bars, chapstick.
This design is on the T-shirt --> very cool.

5K RUN: 32:31, including T1 transition
This run starts out downhill - I rounded the corner of the first mile and saw 9:39 on the clock. No. WAY. well, it was downhill. The run went onto a nice, black-top bike path. I passed the clock for the 2nd mile. 20:31. WOW. Okay, so my 2nd mile was a little slow. We had started gradually going up hill coming to the end of the 1st mile, and it continued up and onto a bit of dirt, but mostly clear, hard running path. I think there were 2 aid stations, but I can't remember. I know there was at least one. At one point, I was running next to another woman, and just then a race walker blew by us. BLEW BY US. Nothing humbles you like that. Toward the end, there is a short, steep climb to the transition area. Disappointing, but I hope they don't take it out - it keeps ya honest!
I think this may be my best 5K ever.

12.6 Mi Bike: 53:59, including T2 transition
This had large rollers, and most of the uphill was also into a nice stiff headwind. Ugh. I worked hard, but 53:59 was all I could pull off with the wind and the rollers. It was a nice course, though, on well-maintained roads, and plenty of officers to direct traffic.
One thing I was curious about. There were volunteers standing near a bunch of broken glass. Not warning, or directing anyone away from it, just standing there. Why? Still, it was a very fun ride. Not too technical, not to difficult, but it sure got your attention!

400 Meter swim: 10:58 (EEK!)

Can you say, "time for swim drills Misty?" This was a nice, 50-meter pool with wide lanes. Plenty of room to pass and be passed. I felt good, and wished I could get back into the pool when I was done. of course, I couldn't. There were still people in it. STILL PEOPLE IN IT!! I wasn't last.
I almost feel like, well, kinda athletic today.

Total time: 1:37:28

Division place (female 40-44: 10/17, overall females: 101/147)

No Athena or Clydesdale divisions. BOO!

Afterwards, bagles, cheese, processed meats (??) and a finisher's ribbon.

RECOMMENDED RACE. I will do this one again and again and again!
It was friendly and well-run, and VERY well organized. Good course markings, and nice courses that were challenging but didn't break you.



  1. Congrats, Misty! It sounds like you had a good time and a great race! Way to go!

  2. That sounds like fun!! I like the reverse run, bike, swim. Congrats!

  3. Damn, you are getting fast! I better hurray up and run a marathon with you while I can still keep up. A 5K is already out. :o)

  4. Geez misty-that is a great time!! And then you did that ride today (I am reading backwards obviously). Way to go..I imagine the competition in your AG in SF was stiff!

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  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    you ROCK!!


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