Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Thirteen.

Mini-baboo is graduating from Navy Boot camp next Friday at Great Lakes, and I will go view the pomp of a full-on military parade while Sweet Baboo reminisces.

2. Due to Sweet Baboo 's savvy planning: our plane tickets are nearly free, we got a steep discount to a nice hotel a few miles from base, and there will be running--Yes, running!--a local 5K and the Full Moon half marathon within driving distance (It's Wisconsin, but within driving distance).

3. The 5K is the "ELVIS IS ALIVE 5k" I haven't worn my Pricilla dress and wig since the Las Vegas marathon in 2007.

4. I expect everyone to look just like these people -->
all fabulous and singing songs as they go about their day and whatnot. Right? RIGHT?

5. I used this website to workout a 50K training plan for this year's Palo Duro 50k. I'll be running 5 days a week. Somehow, I'll squeeze in swimming, cycling, working, and 11 hours of school. (eep)

6. Diet: I blew out, and made this HUGE pot of cheesy mashed potatoes. HUGE.
But. I've been eating 6 tiny meals a day and a lot of G2; thus my stomach capacity has decreased. All I could do was stare at the pot, bloated and full, after eating a slightly unreasonable couple of servings. The rest was put in rubbermaid for another binge.

7. To the left is my new 2 mile run. Not a fast sprint, mind you--it's a run that goes uphill in tiny baby steps on tip toes. It's hard to explain, but faster than slogging it up the hill. As you might imagine, the half first mile involves nearly throwing up. It's getting easier.

8. Right behind my house is a large flat-topped boulder that I get to sit on and stretch and cool down, facing the mountains and the dawn. (yeah, I know. I'd hate me too, if I were you. )

9. Ever heard of a SWAMP COOLER? A swamp cooler is the charming nickname for an Evaporative Cooler. It is slightly less primitive than standing under a hose. It makes everything kind of clammy and also uses a lot of water, which is a bit scarce here. I dislike them pretty intensely.

10. Soooooo, I put a window A/C unit in our bedroom to get us through the hottest month of the summer. Since there's just the two of us, we can just hang out in the bedroom watching old Seinfeld episodes with wonderfully dry air conditioning. You don't need whole-house anything when there's no kids living within.

11. I'm eating a ridiculous amount of popcorn with cheese powder on it. It's not bad for me, but the hulls are always stuck between my teeth and there are orange stains on everything.

12. I don't know why my cats like playing in the garage. They hang out near the door and meow plaintively and bat their eyes at me. So, I open the door. You can almost hear them yelling, Wheeeeeee! as they shoot through the door into to the hot, stuffy garage. I guess if you're a house cat you find your moments where you can.

13. There this really bitter unpleasant old bag at work. She's ugly and mean and complains and derides everything and everybody. Whew! that feels better. Glad I got to say it to someone!



  1. Ok - too many coincidences not to comment today!

    1 - my brother, 26 years ago, graduated from the same navy boot camp

    3 - I am a Priscilla and the way my master's swim coach can remember my name is to think Presley!

    4 - no I don't look like that

    11 - entire bag of light microwave popcorn for lunch today! (not the mini bag either) with a spinach, garbanzo bean, and tomato salad

    12 - my cats do the same thing, 130 degree garage, they can't wait to sneak out when I take out the recycle bin

  2. Yay for Mini Baboo! Have a great time in Chicago. I used to live there (suburbs) as a kid but I haven't been back in a lifetime.

    I think everyone has a bitter, ugly, unpleasant woman like that at work. It is one of my main goals in life to not become that woman.

  3. Love always feels good to get something like that out in the open (and secretly hope she will see it, the byotch!)

  4. Please can there be photos of the two of you all costumed up?
    Congratulations on another parenting milestone achieved :)
    LOL at 13. I thought she worked at my job!

  5. Enjoy mini-Baboo's graduation!!

  6. Congrats to Mini baboo-let's just hope he has let go of this girlfriend who is probably out for one thing..his $$!
    Love swamp coolers in the early part of summer...when there is no humidity!
    They work really well then!
    If I eat too much popcorn...well, the run in the morning has several pit stops!
    Have fun!

  7. I've been in Chicago all week and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous - so have the runs! Somehow when you take me out of 115 degree heat I'm about 5 minutes faster per mile. No better feeling on earth than being somewhere beautiful and shocking yourself every time you hit a mile marker.:) Enjoy being out of the southwest for a few days!

  8. Okay, I saw Chicago, and just seeing the picture reminded me how hard it was to watch him tap.

    I can't even comment further. :)


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