Sunday, July 26, 2009

Suckfest's younger brother...

is known as the "Run to Break the Silence" 20k.

It sounds innocent enough, doesn't? Awwwww. Why, it's not even a half marathon. It's a baby half marathon! How sweet. Yes, let's go do this. It's for charity, for a local Oral School

The day after the 80-mile suckfest ride in high 90s heat, after which the DailyPlate informed me that I could have 2088 more calories (but I was too tired to get them) yes, let's go run in the foothills . In the heat.

So. It starts out at Sandia Casino, and then climbs gently for a while, and then sucks your soul dry for over 2 miles, and then goes back down to the casino. It's a good, well-marked course on dirt service roads, and was well supported with water and gatorade and nice volunteers.
As you can see by the profile, it's not completely straight up and not completely straight down. I wasn't last, but it was hot, and I was pretty sick of being tired, sore, and damp, so I finally finished, and said, "take me home". And Baboo said, do you want to go get food first? So then I was like, "um - yeah, okay. Food. Then home."

There was about 1400 feet of elevation gain and loss. My quads are treshed. My inner adductors are pissed. My butt muscles are pissed.

Then I went to Einstein's bagels, and asked for a spinach and mushroom bagel pizza on a fluorentine bagel. No, wait, did I say A bagel pizza? I ordered three. And a cup of brocolli cheese soup. Then I went to Keva juice, and got a large Keva Kolada. Mmm.

Miles for this week:
Bike: 80 miles
Run: 22.3 miles
Swim: 1700 meters

Distances for July:
Bike: 367 Mi
Run: 53.65
Swim 11150

Now I will shower. And sit in air conditioning. And drink, drink, drink. And sleep, sleep, sleep.



  1. I'm thinking - scheduling issues! But BRILLIANT EFFORT!

  2. Man, I need to move to the 'burbs. I'm tired of running inthe streets and the same old parks.

    nice work.

  3. Redman will be a cake walk after all this suffer training!

    I sleep so hard after all this stuff that I forget what day it is.

  4. Hi! I just came across your blog and I wanted to say hello! All of your training is incredibly impressive! Keep up the good work! I, too, am an asthmatic endurance athlete (or rather, I try really hard to be!). I like your blog! I look forward to reading more!

    PS - Glad you like Keva Juice!


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