Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Lazy post. Here's some stuff I found by putting "obese" into a search engine:

Study finds that Obesity is linked to the same-sex parent, and is more behaviorally-caused than genetic.

Obesity linked to complications of the H1N1 flu. Patients who are being hospitalized with complications of the Swine flu are more likely than not to be obese.

Quick fix found for Obesity? Researchers have discovered that injected two natural hormones combined with an appetite suppresant caused massive drops in body fat in just one week in rats. (I’ll be watching this closely – fat doesn’t just evaporate, you know. It would probably leave the body after being processed by the liver. I’ll be interested to see how badly the liver is damaged by this compound.)

And here’s my favorite: A STUDY that is refreshingly, NOT in the US, on child obesity has gone to the dogs after naughty children attached their pedometers to their pets. What’s fun about this isn’t the obvious, but also how much in denial the parents were found to be about their children’s weight.



  1. Here is one more I saw last week on "Nova Science Now".


    I am no scientist, but it looks to have the most promise.

    Ironically, tonight they are doing "The Science of Picky Eaters". In my dreams!

    I'm sorry, but I love that the kids attached the pedometers to their pets, too funny.

  2. just found your blog. I guess I am the last :) Congrats on your amazing journey and having the guts to even take that first step. You are an inspiration for sure.

  3. Jess, you *are* the last. :) It's about time.

  4. Hey Misty, have you ever done the Las Vegas marathon??


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