Thursday, January 14, 2010

A very *special* Thursday Thirteen

13.  Five years ago I got tired of being heavy and out of breath from climbing up one flight of stairs, the one right outside my classroom.

12.  A little over a year after that, I chased an 8th grader up that flight of stairs and down the length of the hallways of the school where I taught.  He finally stopped, turned around, and said, "okay, I give up.  Let's go" and wheezing, he followed me to the office.

11.  A year after that, I did my first marathon.  Six months later, my first Ironman.

10.  A year after that, I did my first ultramarathon, a 50k.  Then I did five more marathons, and six months later, I did my second Ironman.

9.  A year after that, I did my first 50-miler.

8.  So now it's five years later, and I'm going to try another 50 miler.  This time I'll RUN most of it instead of walking...hopefully.

7.  Five years ago, I had a middle-schooler at home, and worked as a school teacher, and had just started graduate school.  Now I have a gloriously empty nest (sorry, kids, but it's true: GLORIOUS) and have started another career.

6.  Five years ago I was a size 16, pushing an 18.  Now I'm a 12.  Ish.  I've dipped down as low as a 10, but 12 seems to be easy for me to maintain.

5.  Change of topic.  Last Friday, I call from HR at the new job.  "Misty, you've been picked for a ra........"  and I couldn't quite make out what he said next.

A what?  A raffle?  I got picked for a raffle? 

(laughs)  No, a random UA.

??  Srsly?

Yes.  No hurry, just, you know, in the next hour or so. 

Dude.  i was totally STOKED . I never win ANYTHING!  WOOT!  Of course, I had to go across the street to pee in the cup...which took me past WalGreens...totally great excuse to do a chocolate run although a coworker stated, very seriously, there's no excuse needed, ever, for a WalGreens chocolate run  but then I thought it might look suspicious if I darted into WalGreens on the way to my random UA, so I waited until after.
So far as I know, thyroid meds and botanical estrogens don't send off any alarms.

Oh, and the place where I gave my sample...I am totally going to keep disposable masks on hand for my next one.  Yikes.

So.  That's it.  There's no point moral here.  Just a random event from my week.

That chocolate went fast.

4. At least twice this week I've had to correct a parent because I asked their kid a question, even using the kid's name, and the parent answered.  I do it in a friendly way, but still.  STILL.  Control much?

3.  This Sunday I'll be attempting the Ghost Town 38.5 for the 2nd time.  Last year I tried it, but has some serious, wicked awful ITB syndrome.  Seriously.  I was spiking an 8 or 9 on the pain scale.  I dragged myself into the turnaround, made the cutoff, and then left the course.
Joining me on this is Baboo, who as he stated on his blog recently, is going to--seriously--go as slow as me for every race.  Okay, so if we reframe that, he's doing every race with me.  This in honor of our tenth year of wedded bliss.  Still.  I can't imagine that it wouldn't be punishing.  I shuffle.  I meander.  I stop and look at things.  I chat with people at aid stations.  I stare at rocks on the ground.  Dude is in for an interesting year.

2.  One other thought from work:  There really is no diagnosis called CrazyAsShit, NOS.  But there should be.  And it would be applied to certain parents, not kids.

1.  Yeah, I know this is late.  I'm on the go 14 hours a day now.  Don't worry, it doesn't mean I don't love you.  Still, if you insist, I'll give your money back.  Remember: satisfaction is guaranteed.


  1. I recently found your blog when looking up tri clubs in NM. We're hoping to move there next year. I love your writing style and your accomplishments are inspirational. One last thing, that running piglet photo is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Good luck this weekend, Amy

  2. Just wanted to wish you good luck this weekend!

  3. Wow! Baboo really IS sweet to do that. I wish I'd thought of something like that for our 10th year. You know, listing things as you did, shows just how far you've come - a looooong way baby!

  4. Baboo is awesome! Talk about supporting you every step of the way...

    Best of luck to you this weekend.

  5. Good luck this weekend! The Lovely & Talented Mrs. Smith and I frequently start and finish races together. That is, we're together at the start and then I wait for her a couple hundred yards from the finish and we cross the line together....

  6. Chocolate runs in the middle of the day ARE great!

  7. I love the "NOS." *Srsly*, there seems to be more and more of that around--or is it just working in healthcare?

    One time, on the bike, someone told me I was going so slow it made their legs hurt to stay with me...not that I was going slow for me, mind you! You're expanding Dude's perspective. Have a great run. And have fun every step of the way :)

  8. Chocolate always goes fast, as do donuts *sigh*

    LMAO at "CrazyAsShit, NOS" There sure should be.

    Good luck at GhostTown! I am so excited for you. Someday will get back to mileage where I can think about ultras. Somehow having your head wedged firmly up your ass for 4.5 months, does not make for great training progress.

    Congrats on the new job! So glad you found something you love! I HATE mine this year. I ma having a year where you get a "bad batch." When is f-ing June?


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