Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fuzzy logic.

Last Wednesday, we came home to find that someone had broken into our house, stolen a large flat-screen TV, a smaller flat-screen, blue-ray DVD player, and Baboo's laptop.  They damaged the door frame kicking it in.
We have a ridiculously high deductible, so it's unlikely we'll be able to replace everything right now.

If you're having a bit of dejavu, so was I: my car was broken into about 3 weeks ago and no, I don't know if the are related or some random bad karma landed on me.  

Suffice to say that between my unemployment the last 1/3 of last year, and these two break-ins, and the IRS recently deciding that we owe them just a bit more (couple of grand) money, it's been a difficult first part of the year.  Very discouraging.  We needed some fuzzy love.

So we went to the Humane Society and adopted a pair of dogs.  We figured that between an alarm company and unconditional love, we'd go with the latter.  And here is the result: two 7-month-old very wiggly pups, unrelated, both surrendered by their respective owners.  They were in the same cage together, so we figured they must get along.

This is Chloe --

Chloe is a spayed female lab/pit mix.  She likes tennis balls, rawhide bones, and trail runs.  She's the slightly less hyper of the two.  Her current goals are to eat, sleep, wiggle, and stay off the couch.  Well, maybe that's my goal.
But I'm going to make it hers.

-- This is Jake.  

Jake is a neutered heeler/shepherd mix.
As such, he nips and mouths people and is a bit hard to run with, because he wants to herd everyone.
Amazingly, he also likes rawhide bones, tennis balls, and trail runs.  His legs are not that short.  I just photographed him from above.  His goals are to wiggle, eat, sleep, and stop using his mouth on everyone so much.  (Again, my goal.  NO BITE!!!)

Jake, I've decided, needs a bandana.  .

(Oh, and the cats, Hissy and Lily, would like a word with me later on about these latest additions to the household.)

We ran with them this morning. It's the fastest I've ever done this loop, about 2.6 miles behind our house.  Jake just about pulled me up the hill, and he's not very big yet.  The top of his back is about mid thigh to me We're going to condition the doggies until they are able to handle long distances and carry their own food. Meanwhile, I had no time to stop and have a panic attack, because I was busy trying to stay upright and not be pulled down a sandy, bouldery hill.

They have a nice big backyard to roam around in, as we have about 1/3 of an acre, and a nice big pond full of nice fresh running water.  Mmmmm, says Jake.   WILD water.  We also have a nice clean dry shed that Baboo is, at this moment, installing a doggie door in.  Now they have room, shade, shelter, other pound puppy had it so good in their forever home.  Baboo, as you can imagine, is wildly excited about all of this, himself loving all things smallish, and furry.

I'm not used to being around dogs.  I had a dog once, but not for very long, and all I can remember is pure neediness.  I didn't remember the constant expectation that seems to be present, as Chloe and Jake follow me everywhere, that I must be about to do something wonderful and/or exciting.  I must be!  Why else would I be walking somewhere!  OMG, SOMETHING EXCITING MUST BE ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!! IT MUST BE.  IT MUST BE!!!
or I imagine that's what they must be thinking, because whenever I go anywhere, inside and out, they scamper around me, leaping up and down, occasionally jumping up to lick a hand.   Then I sit down, and then they try to leap up on me some more, but eventually yawn, and sack out.

I will have to run with one of them every morning at least a mile or two, and again in the evening.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Otherwise, poop will ensue.  If the threat of poop doesn't get my out of bed and on my feet, I don't know what will.



  1. I am sorry to hear about your break-in. A week ago it seemed like somebody tried to get into our house but the alarm scared them off. I don't think our alarm would let me arm it and leave the window ajar. It is not a pleasant feeling knowing that somebody can just come into your house uninvited and take things. We have cats (maybe they scared the wannabe burglar :) ) so dogs are probably not in the picture but I was considering that option.
    Hopefully the rest of the year will be better for you. You got your share of yearly troubles and then some.

  2. Sorry to hear about the break in, but I love your dogs! They are adorable. We got ours thinking she'd like to run, but she is in definite disagreement. From what I've researched the 1-2 miles should be ok, but they shouldn't really add distance until they're about a year old and more developed. Congratulations on your new family members.

  3. Bummer on the break-in!! :( There are some poopy people out there.

    Congrats on the newest members of the family! We are on our on quest for the perfect rescue puppy to add to our family too.

  4. Congrats on the new babies. Sorry about your TV, but look at it this way...with not one but 2 new dogs and no TV you're bound to lose like a million pounds!

  5. I'm so sorry about the break in but the new additions to the family are adorable!

  6. Congratulations on your new dogs. It's wonderful that you are giving them a loving home. I love your "fuzzy logic." :-)

  7. The break-in news is terrible. I also feel you on the IRS woes -- we just found out we owe probably 3time smore than you! :(

    Love the dogs. We're looking at bringing on in as well :)

  8. They are REALLY cute Misty!!

  9. Noooooo . . . how awful for you! I'm so, so sorry.

    But yay to the dogs! I've been getting my ass out of bed at 5:30 every morning pretty much my entire life to walk, run, or hike one dog or another. Sometimes it sucks (like now, with all this freakin' snow), but mostly it doesn't. Good luck!

  10. So to hear about the break-in, that really sucks.

    Congrats on the pups though! They're great looking dogs, and I'm guessing they're thrilled to have a home.

    Remember to a dog, you just being you is OMG SOMETHING EXCITING, so expect them to follow you everywhere (my 10 y/o Golden still does it).

  11. Oh man! That sucks! I'm so sorry your house was broken in to. I feel your IRS woes as a freelancer, I am about to be screwed.

    Good for you though that you adopted the dogs! They are so cute. I miss my dog, he was awesome.

  12. Anonymous9:44 AM

    People that break in to other people's houses are EVIL. That just sucks beyond words.

    I'm sorry, Misty. You guys have worked so hard for the things you have and have given so much back to others.

    May the fleas of ten thousand camels infest their armpits, those grabby-fingered lint-lickers. (See, clean mouth, here. Must be chewing that special gum or something.)

  13. That is just freaking awful about the break-in(s!), but love the new dogs! I have to weird of a schedule to allow for pets, but think if I were to get a dog it would be like one of those. They are SO FUN to tun with, and I'll bet a few months down the road you might just be happy to have been robbed, if these new friends are the result ...

  14. Sucks about the break in!

    Yay for doggies though! I'm echoing what someone else said - supposed to keep mileage to 1-2 miles until they are full grown (1 yr). Jake sounds like he's going to be huge! I always run faster with my doggie too, except when she feels the urge to pee everywhere...

  15. Hurray for puppies! From now on, every homecoming will be extra special!

  16. YAY for puppies!!

    Yes,they will follow you everywhere. Including the bathroom. Close doors as needed.

    Bummer about the two break ins. But the dogs are adorable. Kudos to you and SB for rescuing them from them. Extra karma points there!

  17. OMG!!! SO so cute--love the puppies! Shelter dogs are just the best. Many congrats...almost enough to make you forget about the break-ins, eh? :)

  18. Congrats ! They are gorgeous ! And good on you for adopting.

    Here's to no more break-ins ! Good luck !

  19. You guys have worked so hard for the things you have and have given so much back to others.

    Work From Home

  20. The pups are precious!

    We were broken into about a year and a half ago, and though he was caught (he was living with a neighbor) the feeling of being violated is hard to deal with. Wish hubby would have let us have the dog (we have 6 cats) but we did the alarm thing and I sleep much better at night!

  21. Congratulations on your new furbabies. Sorry to say that mine have ruined me for all human or future relationships in that they love so perfectly... wishing you so many happy years with them!


  22. Oh FUN! Congratulations! I've only been a dog person for about 4 years - so I have the zeal of the newly converted. But I never, ever get tired of the crazy welcome home antics of my dogs. They totally lose their minds when I walk in the door even if I've only been gone for 5 minutes. On days I'm really down - I sometimes go for a quick walk just so I can get a double dose of that greeting. Congrats again!

    PS - Heelers and shepherds are both really smart and can get into trouble without stuff to do - so Jake might need a lot of outlets for his energy. Good luck!

  23. I only have one bit of unsolicited advice - crate training - my vets answer to a puppy left at home unattended. Ours ate everything... had some accidents... even with tons of exercise. Trust me - runny diarhea on the couch is no present after a day at work... Now 5 years on - the crate is her house; a nice place to go when she's done with the kids!

  24. Thanks - Lynne, I'll tell you that they have a huge, dry shed that is closed except for a doggie door, and a large yard to romp in. that's where they spend their days, so the crates aren't a necessity for now. They come in when we are home, and at night, they sleep in a small laundry room which is just barely enough for them to get up and turn around in, kinda like a giant crate. They seem pretty happy with the arrangement.

  25. I've never seen anyone else make an RIP for a lost (or in my case dead) object before so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the RIP on your picture.

    But I'm sorry your home was violated and your belongings stolen.

  26. Dog ownership is MAGNIFIED with joy when you give your animals a 'voice'.

    It sounds nuts at the beginning but, seriously? it's funny shit.

    For example, my belgian shepherd is a pretty smart dog. She follows conversation which makes it all the more funnier. You just create a voice and pretend to be her... she's also very foul-mouthed when she wants her own way.

    Another example... my friend's dog is extremely... what's the politically correct word... STUPID? So, his voice is that of Lenny, from mice and men. He talks the same way... and he even ACTS like Lenny too.

    My cat is a Siamese but... he's also from Quebec (french-land up here in Canada) so, his voice is a bit french sounding.

    This normally is only acceptable behaviour around your spouse, kids or - other dog/animal owners that do the same thing. It is NOT acceptable behaviour when you are by yourself. In fact, I encourage one to seek medical attention if that happens.

    However, we used to have some pretty good conversations... then I separated from my ex and... well, my dog's voice has been quiet for a while.

    i better find myself a man!!! And, a pet-lover at that :P She needs her voice back!

  27. Oh Anji do you have a blog? Because something tells me you and I would get along. Or at least our animals could "talk" to each because mine have "voices" too. Love it!


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