Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is just peaking around the corner, and training begins! Thursday 13

13.  We had a deal, me and winter.  I have my spring birthday, and then winter goes the fuck away.
And there it is: the longer winter drags on, the more probable it is that I will swear like a sailor.
Friday night, we heard the wind howl and watched snow and ice blow sideways past our window. By the end of the day Saturday it was still cold, but at least the sun was out.  I put in a nice lilttle trail run.  It snowed twice more the same week.  It was chilly.  Winter is really hanging on.

12.  Some friends and acquaintances have decided that my taste in wines is for shit.  Well, they said it nicer than that, but there is it.  They have offered to take me to a wine-tasting event, with DP as my DD.  That way, I can be a truly tasteful alcoholic. It'll be fun.  I'll write about it.

11.  no, doggie, you can't have any of my popcorn--no, No.  NO!!

10.  My sister called me on my birthday 2 weeks ago to say happy birthday.  Oh, and also to tell me that our cousin committed suicide.
Um.  I'm pretty sure that Emily Post requires that you wait until 24 hours after the birthday to impart news that a family member has suicided.  Is this covered in any etiquette books?

9.  I was totally going to ride on Saturday.  Before the whole ice and snow thing.  No, seriously.  But this Sunday, I'm ready.  I'm planning an 80 mile ride with a friend of mine who is tiny and fast.  She says we're going to ride slow.  I'm wondering what slow is to someone who finishes an Ironman hours before I do.  

8.  I've gone a whole two weeks without a panic attack.  I think I have a handle on them.  Now I'm just working on anxiety in general.

7. Some days I have these runs that are so awesome - my lungs fill and and empty, I feel fas, and strong, and feel like I could keep going longer.
Welllll, Saturday was not one of those days.  It felt heavy and difficult. And slow.  My lungs ached, I felt like I was suffocating.  I was going to do two 4.2 mile loops, but I stopped at one.  Well, at least I got out there, right?
But then Sunday was better, and then Monday, and Tuesday I got faster each day.  

6.  I signed up for the Jemez Mountain 50K.  I did the 25K last year.  It was grueling.  This will be, too.  Why do I keep doing these things?  Why?

5.  Sunday Baboo and I woke up. We were going to go bike riding/training, and then....nahhhhh, we spent the day bed, doing important things like updating playlists on our ipods and looking for late 1950s-early 1960s stuff on Ebay.

4.  I've always believed that a good dog takes the pup to obedience classes, and I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is.
One of the disadvantages of having a house with wrap-around windows is this =>
as well as the constant pawing on the windows and doors.

But not for long.  The pups are going to be attending Civilized Canine class at the local Animal Humane.  We have clickers.  We are STOKED.

3.  I have been told I will be able to do my internships both of them, where I work.  The second year one has to be outside of regular working hours, so I'll be working on a project in my own time.  They are going to totally work this out with me--how awesome!

2.  Daily doggie sprints are up to 2.2 miles now.  These are runs that go up and down hills near our house.  Each week we add another 1/4 mile or so, and I do them every week day except Wednesday.  Tuesday my pace was 10 seconds faster than my Monday pace.  It was 11:22.  That might not sound like much to the fast among you, but for me, it's blazing.  Especially on hills, which are getting easier.  I still have a fantasy of getting a sub 10-minute pace on a s 5k.  I've done it at sea level.  Just not up here a mile above sea level.  I've heard that hills are "stealth speed work," and the best kind of speed work for those of us who don't weigh 120 pounds (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

1.  Sweet Face is on terminal leave after 7.9 years in the Army.  His plane touches down tomorrow.  Soon will commence the attempts to suck him into running and multisport.  He commutes almost exclusively by bike, so there's that.  Buwahahaha.



  1. Congrats on conquering the panic attacks! I completely understand what a big deal that is. I used to suffer from them all the time but my biking/running/swimming addiction has really helped calm those down.

  2. Remember you ran a 10:55 pace the day after you ran the 11:22 pace, I was there.

  3. pssst, I totally identify with 11:22 being a blazing pace.


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