Thursday, March 11, 2010

Post-race euphoria, forty-five, and it's freezing. Thursday Thirteen.

13.  I had been curious to see what an entire day of endurance event with the Sweet Baboo would be like.   No matter how loud my whining, or whimpering, or bitching, or complaining, he is nothing but patient and supportive.  Not only did he hoist my 160-some-odd pounds across a few streams, but he also said, You're not as heavy as you think you are.  Which, in 10 years, may be the sweetest thing to come off his lips.  MWAH!

12. I learned this past week that of all the places one should be certain to put sunscreen, the backs of my knees is one of those.

11.  I had one panic attack early in the race.  I had been snapping a rubber band on my wrist when I get the queasy, shaky feeling.  However, I didn't have one with me, so I slapped myself.  Not kidding.  It worked, too.  Never came back.

10.  I'm turning 45 this week, which I will now admit might be middle-aged.

9.  One of the doggies is under the weather.  Poopy, poor appetite, and she lost a tiny sharp tooth, so I'm assuming she's teething.  Meanwhile, apparently, dogs love pumpkin.  So I mixed it into her food to get her to eat.  Finally, we got her some softer food.  She's been inhaling it and seems much better.

8.  At work, people asked me how my 'marathon' went over the weekend.  When I oh, so casually said, "Well, it was actually 50 miles, but I finished it, and you're so nice for asking!"  the response was priceless. Then I hopped up the stairs.  Yes, I actually felt that good.  Hopped.  Up the stairs.

7.  I'm still spending weight-watching points.  When I went to enter my ultra, it wouldn't let me put in more than 480 minutes of anything, so I put in 480 minutes of jogging-walking combination, and 480 minutes of hiking.  That could cover it. I got, like, 52 points off that bad boy.  I don't intend to spend them all.

6.  I've woken up ever morning this week exhausted and needing coffee.  I'd actually stopped drinking coffee in the morning.  I'd forotten what these things take out of you.

5.  Of all the things I hate about computers, I hate the little "touch screens" the most.  My thumbs bump it as I'm typing, if I foget to turn it off, and as I'm a speed typist, I don't realize that the cursor has jumped to another part of the page before I've typed several words.

4.  It's Thursday and my buckle is still in my purse.  I've been carrying it around all week, in case anyone wants to see it.  This weekend, I'll find the belt I want to put it on.

3.  I have this teacher that I've avoided since I had him nearly 2 years ago.  he's awful.  He doesn't go over a single thing in class, and then tests us on it.  But at the last minute, he was switched with the teacher I did pick. I think he knews, too: on the first day of class, he said, "well, I thought I'd never see you again, Misty" and I was speechless, which of course doesn't happen often, and I finally said, 'Yes.  And here I am.' while I was thinking, "not as much as me, dammit"  So anyway.
He never reads the syllabus.  When we finally asked him about this assignment, which was a developmental case assessment based on a character from a film that he assigns, he was all surprised, and said, 'oh, I'm supposed to give you the name of th film?' And were said, um, yes, and he said, oh, just go pick your own film or character.
So my developmental assessment is on Eric Cartman.  I don't expect he'll even read it.  But I'll enjoy writing it.

2.  It's snowing again.  WTF.  Enough already.

1.  Last night I went to a dinner with a bunch of ultra runners.  They are all super, super lean, definitely have bodyfat in the teens, not a soft chin in teh bunch.  I noticed that they ate salads, occasionally sharing a small pizza with others. not me.  I had my own pizze, and chocolate pie.  I guess that's why I'm not a sharp-chinned ultrarunner with 15% bodyfat.



  1. Re #1: Me, too.

    Congrats on that buckle.

  2. I had a professor like that back in the day. He never tested over what he went over in class. Hated it!

  3. 1. I've had experience with 45 for 6 months now and it's not that bad. In my book, middle age doesn't start till 50.

    2. Take a pic of that buckle and post it. It would be inspiration for the masses!

  4. Just an aside: canned pumpkin can also be used as a stool softener for many animals. Dogs included.

  5. Rich, the buckle is posted on the race report just before this blog post. Take a look...

  6. Anonymous11:49 AM

    buckly bling is awesomeness!! bravio!!

  7. I'd prefer to have a soft chin then to go out to a restaurant and order SALAD! Bring on the pizza...and wine!

    Congrats on the 50-miler! Can't explain my logic, but another Ironman yes, 50-miler...uh...I don't think so!!

  8. I love love love your blog.

  9. I guess that's why I'm not a sharp-chinned ultrarunner with 15% bodyfat.


    Life's too short to shoot for 15 percent body fat. Plus, a lil' extra padding here and there serves us well as we age.

    Congrats on the 50 and Happy 45!

  10. Misty - I saw an interesting blog entyr re panic attacks and thought I'd pass it on to you. I know being hypothyroid, and an athlete, can mess with blood sugar levels, so I thought it might be relevant even though I don't think you are diabetic.


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