Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There's always puppies and wine. Thursday Thirteen, the early edition.

13.  I ran last week on Thursday, and oh, my GAWD it was a pathetic site.  My left leg, especially, was all, oh no you didn't.  It was 1.5 miles.

12.  I was exhausted all week last week, until I finally decompensated, exhausted, over the weekend.  I'd forgotten what those endurance events do to me.

11.  Friday, on my Birthday, I had a giant food binge.  Then I went home and napped. All in all not a bad day.

10.  Okay.  I've offically burned through whatever calories I burned last weekend.  Unless I want to blow up a a million pounds, it's back to weight-watchers.

9.  I ran again on Saturday.  It was slightly less pathetic.  It was slightly less pathetic during my morning "doggie sprints" on Monday and Tuesday, too.

8.  This semester ends the first week of May.  The first week of may is also when Ironman St. George occurs.  I can't figure out to fit in 3x medium and long runs a week, 2 long swims a week, 1 long bike and 2 short runs per week, full time work, house cleaning, I am signed up for the Redman Triathlon in September, but I may have to bag Ironman St. George.

7.  Not one single one of my kids called me or texted me or emailed me a happy birthday.  I've decided that all three of them must have joined some "no birthday" religion.
As a person who respects diversity, I can totally respect that.  Especially when their birthdays roll around.

6.  I'm having trouble getting used to the dogs.  They're just so there all the time.  I'm having trouble getting used to that.  I keep tripping because when I"m in the kitchen, by golly, I expect that there will be floor and air behind me, but there's not: there's dogs, who seem content to be tripped over rather than move.

3.  I was invited early this week to a "lunch and learn" workshop to awaken my inner indigo.  I had to look this up.  Oh, my.  I'm almost tempted to go, just to see.  Almost.  But for a few moments there, as I read the wikipedia entry to Sweet Baboo, there was much frivolity and mirth.

2.  I did Satan's spin class yesterday morning, and I must have worked hard, because when I got to work and did my usual little hop onto the first stair leading up to my office, my body just sort of barely plunked upward.  My legs were all like, oh no you didn't.  We thought you gave up this cycling crap.

1.  My back tire blew up in a major freeway yesterday, leaving me with no choice but to coast over into the far left shoulder.  Three thoughts on this:
     a) Some days it pays to wear a pencil skirt, low-cut sweater, and pumps.  I had all kinds of help.
     b) Some days, it just doesn't pay to have 40 pounds of random crap laying on the cover to where your spare tire is.  I mean, gym clothes...books I meant to mail to people...stuff I meant to take to Goodwill....I moved all of it and got the tire out before anyone arrived, saving myself the humiliation of having to do it in front of them.
     c) I can ill afford a tire as it is, but I know from experience they'll try to guilt me into buying a whole set, warning that all sorts of horrible things will happen if I only replace one car will fall apart...cats will marry dogs, etc.
     d) So now I have to take time off tomorrow to go buy a tire, because i take the freeway to work and I can't take the freeway to work using a space-save spare.  Dammit.
     e) There's always puppies.  And wine.


  1. Puppies!!!! (I saw a three day old litter of 6 last night. I think it is a good thing The Boarder doesn't really want a puppy or a kitty.)

  2. you could always keep the dogs outside during the day. Then they just stare at you.

  3. First of all, this post makes me so happy. It was well worth the time taken away from working. Second, happy birthday. Third, you're doing Redman? Maybe I will see you there!

  4. So many Pices in blogland I've noticed. That covers the swim equation I guess.

    Blowing out a tire sucks, although I am glad you were 'dressed' for the occasion.

    love puppies and wine. Together or separate.

  5. We have the same birthday! Check out my tri-themed bday cake on my blog! You were wise to run the ultra so soon before your b-day. I did nothing and still ate all those birthday calories, thereby confirming athena entries for the whole season. Thanks for the wiki indigo link.

  6. Damn, I was all looking forward to a scathing post on the indigo woo.

  7. Indigo children sound sort of "children of the corn"ish. What happen to numbers 4 & 5?


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