Thursday, March 04, 2010

The weekend commeth: Thursday Thirteen.

13.  Last week, Sweet Baboo contacted me at work, bereft.  He was convinced that the new pups had swallowed ornament hooks.  "They aren't eating," he said, or drinking, and they were lethargic.  "Wait until tonight," I advised. "Everything I've read says that when they do swallow something, it's usually a piece of something they've been chewing."
Well, Baboo got home first and discovered the following: the large block of suet, nuts, and seeds that was hanging in the back yard as winter food for the birds was dramatically depleted.  And, he noted, the last couple of piles the dogs had left had lots of seeds in them. 

I guess It's hard to be bouncy and hungry when you have a gut full of beef fat.  (They're fine now, by the way.)

12. A woman in my office last week (in a children's mental hospital) wanted to admit one of her kids.  I asked her if any siblings had been here and she said, yes, years ago, "way back in 2006".  When I asked why, she refused to answer, telling me that "I'm not going to discuss that with you,  that's private".  yeah. She then proceed to tell me a lot of other private stuff, but continued to decline to tell me about her other kid.  I mean, lady, we have the records.  Whatever.

11.  Doggies went to the vet last week.  They are healthy, about 30 pounds each.  No problems, despite the half pound of suet they consumed.

10. I am happy to report that being dragged around the block by a dog at 6 am means I get to say that I "ran" in Weight Watchers.  I've historically, always had to log my workouts as "jogging" in weight-watchers my fastest runs were slower than a 12-minute mile.  Dude.  I'm totally stoked that I can say that I was "running".  It's huge to me.  It's only 2 points extra earned each time I run a doggie  .  Still.  HUGE.

9. Last Tuesday I had a bad eating day.  What did I eat you may ask.  Well, let's just not go there.  Suffice to say I consumed about 36 points,

8.  2 years ago, Sweet Baboo bought me this fleece tube hat thing while we were doing the Colorado relay Anyway, it sat on my shelf for two years while I thought, Hmm.  Weird.  Then finally, I took it out to use it, and Oh. My. God.
I love this thing.  It keeps my hair out of my eyes, and isn't as hot as a hat.  I'm looking for summer versions, if anyone knows of any.

7.  March 26th, we begin "Civilized Canine" classes together. More on this later.

6.  I am now keeping a "panic attack diary" in which I write such things as, what was I doing when it started? What was the first physical symptoms?  What was I thinking?  What did I think after it started?  What did I do? How long did it last?

5. Amazingly, petting my dogs has stopped a panic attack.  I can't explain it.  Still.  I can't take my dog everywhere.

4.  Although I'll never tell them, lest I hurt their feelings, I have a favorite dog.  Shhhh.

3.  This weekend is the 50-mile Old Pueblo.  I had a pretty relaxed take on failing, succeeding, whatever, until Baboo reminded me that there is a buckle.  A BUCKLE. I have to finish now.  I'm no longer relaxed about this.  I am, however, severely under trained.

2.  I'll be staying at herself's house, FeLady, this weekend.  We have lined up a dog watcher and feeder.  I have taken a day off.  For a BUCKLE.

1.  Sweet Baboo just woke up from a nap.  He has no clue that a little while ago, I was talking to him and he fell asleep while I was talking.  I love him anyway, because he cleans up all the dog poo.



  1. I love the fleecy hat, must find one for winter running!


    is this what you're looking for?

  3. it's actually a neck gaitor. Covers up the parts that a ski jacket may still leave exposed. But I do like the look as a hat!

  4. yup, I was also going to recommend "The Buff".

  5. Ellen - I would have thought so too, but the tag on it suggested several uses. I like it because I don't like my head to get too sweaty, and the top lets all the steam out. I also hate it when my hair flops in my face .

  6. Our dogs ate a whole bottle of Tylenol when they were puppies (usually lethal). We could not figure out which one..they spent the night at the vet-we thought they were goners..they lived.
    I had a favorite dog too..shhh.
    Good luck this weekend Misty-you look great..I predict your best 50 ever..

  7. I find myself giving my non-favorite dog some extra attention. Somehow I think she knows (I didn't tell) and I feel guilty. You'll have to let us know if you start doing that, too! She is the favorite of my b-i-l, who lives with us, so it kind of balances out, I think.
    I have a hat/neck warmer simialar to that. It has a pull cord tightner at one end and you can wear it as a beanie too. Love running with it in the winter!

  8. Yup, try the buff. I have one with me always, they are incredibly useful as hat, hairtie, sweatband, whatever ....

  9. You may have already seen these, but They are AWESOME! I wear them all the time when riding indoors because it keeps the hair out of my face....and outside you can twist and and fold and use it oh so many wonderful ways.

    Good luck this weekend....enjoy the scenery, the accomplishment, your body in motion and remember that you love running!!

  10. Actually you probably CAN take your dog everywhere if he helps you with the panic attacks. Talk to your doctor and look into having him be a emotional support/therapy/service animal. (And then maybe decide that only the favorite one is well behaved enough to do the job.)

  11. Buffs were really popular on ultrachicks a couple years ago (or maybe it was all the way back in 2006). Get one for Old Pueblo, and you'll fit right in. But you've got to add arm warmers, a running skirt and gaiters. Preferably all matching! :)

    Good luck at the 50. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  12. Misty, this is off-topic, but I saw this article on the thyroid and thought of you. I'm the type who is constantly gathering info on subjects I'm interested in, so my apologies if you are not particularly interested in this article:

  13. Definitely the Buff - they have a high UV version and a new women's "slim fit" version (less material, decent patterns)

    Looking forward to the photo of you w/ the buckle!

  14. Have you looked at BondiBands?

  15. Like everyone else, I was going to point you towards the buff., for one.

    I had a dog we were going to use as a therapy dog (he passed away years ago). They (who are they?) that just petting a dog lowers your blood pressure. I am not surprised that it calms you panic attacks. My sister used to have panic attacks, pretty scary stuff.

  16. Hi Missy. I've had incredible results with omega 3 for anxiety. I was taking 4000 units for a foot injury and months later I realized that I hadn't had a panic attack or major anxiety since starting them. Theraphy had lessened them but the omega seemed to kick panic's butt to the curb. Also healed my foot.

  17. Hi! I just found your blog and I must say I love, love the way you write! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Re; pt.8 - You can make them yourself or ask someone with a sewinng machine to do it. Just go to a fabric store a nd buy any stretchy lightweight fabric that you like. Then just sew a tube about10 - 12 inches long and , voila'! If you want to get fancy you can sew hems on both ends, but if you use cotton rayon you don't even need to do that. they cost pennies to make + you can make lots of different prints.


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