Friday, September 29, 2006

Ah, what the hell.

So I had this post that I made earlier in the week, in which I was kvetching and whining about how I just couldn't stand the idea of failure. Thanks for all the encouragement, and to Fe-lady, thanks for all, um, the excitement. I appreciate the energy of the responses.

I've been pretty safe up until now. No cutoff times. No real challenges to just bust my ass. Maybe that's the real reason I haven't had any muscle cramps or blisters. I like to mosy. I don't like being hurried. Mosiers don't get cramps and blisters - they get cutoff times.

I also tend to catastophize. Just a little. E.g., "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!"

Between all the nice encouraging comments, a couple of private emails, and Sweet Baboo's tireless efforts (he actually analyzed my times and splits and compared them to the cutoff of 3:15 pm at SOMA, as well as making a few phone calls to ask questions of race directors, and working up a new training plan for me for the next month, completely removing any and attempts on my part to have any excuse whatsoever for giving up, as he often has done throughout our marriage) I've decided that I can do this. I can make this cutoff.

Plus, we've already paid the registration fee. I'm listed. If I don't show up, I'll be DNS, (did not start) which is far worse than DNF.

In other news, I'm peeling. And itchy. When I get to soma, I'll bring lots of liquid and SPF lotion. Also, this morning, I weighed in at 154 pounds, which means I've now lost 40 pounds since beginning all this madness in January of 2005.

Dread pirate has me on the demotivator kick now, so I'll throw in one more of them from despair, inc. as a last ditch attempt to catastrophize.


  1. Athena #3

    I am so proud of you for your accomplishment. You completed your first half ironman.

    I really didn't realize that you blogged. It was really neat to run across your experience.

    If you would like any assistance with nutrition. I have mine down to a 'T'. I can let you know what I do and you could modify it.

    Hope to see you in future events.
    Athena #2 Redman OKC

  2. Glad I could bring just a LITTLE excitement into your life...but it sounds far from boring! :-)
    Congrats on making a decision and on the 40 pounds...that's significant! You can only go faster with less weight (except on downhills!)
    Take care!

  3. Hey, you are my hero, and a racing goddess. You certainly *can* do it!

    And congrats on the minus 40, that is HUGE!!!!

  4. hey - at least you'll be there...

    just sayin.

  5. kt: I would ask you about nutrition - but you need to give me some contact information!

  6. Sorry I've fallen behind, I know this entry is a bit dated... but I just had to say CONGRATULATIONS! on losing the 40 pounds in less than 2 years! That's AWESOME! I just hit the 50 mark, but it's taken nearly 3 years. You must be working really hard.

    I also wanted to say thanks for this post (and the one before it, with the kvetching). I'm so slow I always have to check a race's cut-offs before I can consider entering. I'm about to start looking at the very scary prospect of moving up in distance next year, and I wanted to say I appreciate seeing you go for it because it helps me do the same.


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