Thursday, September 21, 2006

Okay, maybe one more post.

It's 4:31 am here, and we've got the car all packed up. We've made arrangements for the Jonster, Hissy, Witty, Stella, and Lily. The cell phone is charged. Accomodations are ready. The last item on my to do list is packing my transition bag(s).

Knowing that I'm both a) Vain and, b) Like to mess with Photoshop and, c) Have far too much time on my hands, I'll share with you what the Vain Triathlete will be wearing at the Redman this year.

The SWIM is wetsuit legal, and I'll be wearing my sky crop (actually, I'll be wearing my pink one, since the black one hasn't arrived. Stupid UPS) my corrective swim goggles, and my Highly Technical Underwear. Actually, I'll be wearing the Skye Crop and Highly Technical Underwear all the way through the Redman, since they dry quickly. My Road ID will be my chip strap.

At TI I'll hit the ladies room, if I need to do so and the line isn't too long, strip off the wetsuit, dry my feet some (I'm lucky that I don't have horribly sweaty feet, so they usually dry pretty well on the bike) and don emsem #2 for the bike: This includes a pair of sugio cycling shorts, which are the most comfortable I've worn, my pink PI skull socks, my Shimano carbon cycling shoes, and my sunglasses and sweat band. If it's below 65, I'll take along my Terry bolero, which is a nice arm warmer. It ties around my waist when I don't kneed it. In my bento box, I'll be carrying along my inhaler, sunscreen stick, Burts Bees tinted lip stuff, a package of Nuun tablets and some Clif blocks with caffein. I had some Vegan jerky, but it disappeared. Thanks, Jonster. Then I'll grab the Wunderfrost, on which there will prepared Nuun solution both in cage1 (cage 2 has a pre-stretched spare Tubular tire and quick fill cartrige) and the aerobottle, and head out. the Nuun tabs are dropped in plain water, and in 2 minute, voila, perfect electrolyte balancing solution with no added sugar. Very light and easy on the stomach.

At T2, I'll exchange the cycling shorts for running shorts, and the PI skull socks for my Sexy Black Toesocks. If there's no line at the ladies room, I'll hit it and get rid of the Highly Technical Underwear, since the shorts have built in briefs. If my legs feel tired, I'll grab my running knickers instead, which have some compression. Then I'll exchange the headsweats for a bat, skip on my NB 766's, and I'm off for 13.1 miles of shufflewalking. I'll also be carrying (on my race belt) a small pack that includes Nuun tablets, my inhaler, and Clif blocks.

I imagine I'll have time for a snack before Sweet Baboo finishes the full IM. I've often joked that we should be pulling in about the same time.

See you Sunday. Or maybe Monday. We'll see what the REDMAN does to me.



  1. Have a great race and have fun!

  2. Good luck, looking forward to the report!

  3. woohoohoo ! good luck !! can't wait to read the report !!

  4. Good luck girl. Go get em'


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