Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Making Weight

So, I went to sleep at 160 pounds last night (yay!) and woke up at 156 (boo). What the hell is that all about? Could I have possibly exhaled THAT much water vapor in the night? The bed was dry when I got up...where did all that weight go?
I wouldn't mind except I really don't feel ready to to race against all the tiny bird people.
There's some sort of sick and cruel irony to all this, but I'm too nervous about this weekend to spend much time and energy on it. Perhaps, as Nytro mentioned, I flipped off the wrong person as a child. Meanwhile, I'm sticking to low fat, high-carb foods and lots of fluids. Geez.

Today I spent the day trying to transfer all my thoughts and ideas onto 4 sheets of paper for my subs. It's more work than it sounds like. Imagine, in your job, if you had to leave descriptions of your coworkers and your job while you're gone:

"Now Jenny has been a bit tempermental since the divorce. If she shows up with her mouth all set in a tight line, it's best not to ask her how things are, just let her go outside for a smoke if she needs to cool off. Jeremy tends to aggravate others, so when you arrange the meeting, put him near you and NOT near Jenny. He leaves his work area messy, too, to make sure he cleans it up. Take attendance at the meeting and report it to the supervisor before leaving. If anyone throws up, send them to the company nurse. Don't try to run Word and Excel at the same time; the computer will freeze up. Don't use the mouse on the computer on the left; the ball gets stuck. And don't open the windows. It's not allowed."

Tonight, I'm going pack up the food for the trip, including all the last minute carb stuff and post-race carb/protein stuff. Tomorrow we're heading first to a local eatery to stuff ourselves silly, and I'm packing sandwiches for the rest of the trip. After that, I think it's about a 10 hours drive to Oklahoma.

2.5 days until the mass swim start. There seems to be about 430 people registered. Should be interesting. I think I'll double Karens advice and count to 10 before I go in.

I may not have a chance to post again before Saturday morning. My bib number is 1254. I note that it is a number divisible by 3. That really has no significance other than something I noticed. Send nice thoughts my way, about 6:45 am Central Daylight Time.



  1. you always make me laugh! good luck and have fun !!

  2. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you guys this weekend. :)

  3. Hi - I don't know you but I found your site when searching Google on my first triathlon (Socorro Chile Harvest 2006). You have been an inspiration and I wish you all the best this weekend!!!

    Maybe sometime we can do an easy 5mile run together..I live in Corrales.

  4. Sure. But fair warning: My easy runs are pretty easy. I usually saunter around a 12 or 13 minute pace on long runs.

  5. OK, chicky - I'm rooting for you!

    Yes, deeply ironic - you've been athena racing like a demon getting ready for your A race only to not be an Athena anymore...You're ready - don't worry, you will get the race you need!

    I expect a full report on your return...

  6. your long run pace sounds good to me. Today I did 6 miles in 73 minutes which is just over a 12min/mi pace.

    (for anyone who cares, i've just relaunched my blog)


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