Monday, September 18, 2006

My body remembers too well.

A few days ago I wrote about how I might have to change my registration because I was 5 pounds below the cutoff for Athenas at the Oklahoma REDMAN, which I'm running on Saturday.
It is to laugh. With all the carbs and sodium I've been ingesting, it's truly disheartening how quickly my body responded.

"Oh, you want to gain weight? Well, why didn't you say so??"
BOINGGG. Three pounds up so far.
I would have appreciated a little more of a struggle with this endeavor.

I spent today clearing up and entering all grades for my students. Tomorrow, I start writing plans for my sub while I'm on my way to Oklahoma (Thursday and Friday). When ordering subs, one never knows if they'll get someone with a degree in science or someone who cannot spell the word 'science' without a spellchecker, so the lesson plans have to be clear, easy, and straightforward. Plans have to be made. Good behavior extorted from 90 eighth-graders.

5 days until the REDMAN.



  1. Growing up with a mother who was a fifth grade teacher I got a hardy laugh out of your comments about substitute teachers! Best of luck and Redman this weekend!!!

  2. Good luck!!

    Three pounds? Heck, that's just one really good meal for me. I have confidence in you!!

  3. Hey fellow Athena,
    You've got a great blogger title -- and a great big race ahead this weekend in my homestate of Oklahoma. I hope it goes swimmingly for you! I did my first 70.3 in August and had an awesome time of it at Timberman. My race log is on the site under SunnyS if you're curious...

    As you'll see, I race Athena division in the northeast (live in MA now, but grew up in Tulsa). I am also 6'0" so it's "once an Athena, always an Athena" for me. *grin* So if you ever need to change your blog name...he he he.

    Sleep well, drink lots of water, and have a great race, -Sunny


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