Saturday, September 09, 2006

Running Naked (clothing review)

About two weeks ago, Myles and I went to the New Balance store in Albuquerque. We both wear NB 766 shoes. Myles has had disastrous results when he's tried to switch to any other shoe, so I've learned a vicarious lesson and stick to the tried and true. It's a stability shoe, and has recently been upgraded to the 767, which is a bit more breathable.

This shoe is so terrific for me that whenever I get a new pair, I don't even have to break them in. They are ready to go, ready to race in, as is.

I also picked up some running clothes. I bought a "Sky Crop" top and a pair of "Meter" shorts. there's a picture of the sky crop to the right. The darker areas, as well as the entire back, are mesh. The one I bought was kind of a dark pink with white mesh, but I plan to get a black one for racing in, since the Outlaws (my team) all wear black. The "meter" shorts are small, split on the side, and have a built-in seamless brief.

The combination of the two is the closest I've come to running naked, I swear.

I took off the first day for my pre-dawn run, no watch, just the top, shorts, socks, shoes and it felt great. I tend to heat up quite a bit, or maybe I'm just extremely intolerant, and this top just wicks and wicks and wicks. It offers great support, as well, which most crops don't do without trying to make the dreaded uniboob. Around the neighborhood, I've taken to adding a soft mesh t-back top, because I don't like being stared at. I love this top. I may marry it. That's how great it is.

I'm going to get them for running events, and I want to try and see if I can swim in it next, to see if I could wear it in a triathlon.

Today, I wore my new Pearl Izumi cycling skort instead of my cycling shorts on my long bike (67 miles)

I do. not. recommend. this.

It is very cute, but it is not for long rides. After 20 miles, I started to feel, shall we say, tender.

(Not in a good, "love me tender" sort of way, but in a bad, "don't love me - I'm tender" sort of way. )

I was practicing putting power on the entire stroke, not just pushing, but pulling with my legs as well, and now my quads are really, really pissed off. I sat in a cold bath when I got home, so my legs feel pretty good, but I'm worried that I've compromised my long run tomorrow, which is supposed to be 12 miles.

Two weeks to the Redman 70.3. One of Myles' collegues lives 5 minutes from the race start has volunteered to let us stay with him. Mega-cool. Wunderfrost the Wunderbike is in the shop getting tuned up.

Next weekend, I'm doing an extended brick workout: It's called the Cotton Country sprint triathlon, and it was the first triathlon I ever did, so I'm eager to compare my time last year to my time now.

I never did get a chance to swim this week. I've been so busy at work it's pathetic. This week, for sure. I really want to try out my new paddles.


  1. Why are your quads angry? It's your hamstrings that should be tweeked. Your quads should be happy to have had the help :)

  2. LOLOLOL!!! That "Love me tender" thing...... I just about died. Don't know when I've belly-laughed like that.


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