Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wunderfrost (?) debuts.

Here s/he is - I'll have better photos within a day or so.

My baby is a Trek Equinox 7 WSD, 54 cm frame, (birthday present from husband) with the following additions & enhancements (mother's day presents):

--Shimano Dura-ace pedals*
--Shimano 12-27 gear ratio setup*
--Zipp 404-tubuluar wheels*
--Specialized WSD seat for my wide Athena butt*
--Bento box for holding energy bars, gells, asthma inhaler, what have you...
--Profile design aero bars, aero bottle holder, and aero bottle (not seen in photo)

*All the stuff with stars next to it (astericks? asterix? asterics?) are brand new and will debut at the Jay Benson Sprint Triathlon tomorrow.

it's a pale frosty blue, the same color as my Shimano wsd shoes, so maybe I'll call it Wunderfrost.
Or geekgrl (my college nickname) Actually, you can't see it in the photo, but there are red decals on the side that have my full name with my college nickname "Geekgrl" (this is also on my license plate, and has been through four states) on it. Maybe I'll have a naming contest, except I don't have any cool prizes like Mp3 players, just the smug satisfaction of knowing that you named someone's bike.


  1. She looks beautiful!!

  2. Wow, just glorious! Funny, my bike and shoes also match (and are also a rather girlie shade of blue -- Tiffany-ish, in my case).

    Have fun with her tomorrow!

  3. That's the bike I saw at St. Anthony's!!!! So very very sweet. I'm jealous. You're gonna FLY on that bike.

  4. gorgilicious!! drool.

  5. Your bike is beautiful!

  6. that is a gorgeous ride.

    I suggest you name her something scandinavian and badass - a name you'd gladly take as your own, were you scandinavian and badass (6ft tall and blonde). Right?

    I kinda like Wunderbabe...

  7. Valkyrie is awesome -- it does inspire the image of a tall chick with long blonde braids and a helmet with horns, and it would scare the crap out of everybody else.

    It's perfect!


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