Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stick a Fork in me...

...cause I'm DONE.
I've returned all the library books and audio-visual equipment.
I've packed up my overhead projector.
I've pulled down all the posters, and removed all the stapes and tape from the wall.
I've got all my teaching supplies packed into boxes, and labeled with my name.
I've got all my maps rolled up in tubes and stored.
I've got all the boxes stored in the cabinets.
I've got masking tape with my name and room number on all the tables, chairs, and computer equipment in my classroom.
I've shredded all the records with confidential student information on them.
I've backed up my computer onto a CD.
I've exported my grades to the district.
I've turned in my badge and my parking permit, and the keys to my classroom.
I've scavenged supplies being given away by teachers quitting or retiring.
I've signed my intent to return next year.
I've returned all the phone calls explaining why Tony, Katy, or Angela got an F, C, or a B when what they really wanted to get was a D, B, or an A.
I've taken retiring collegues to lunch, and attended parties for those who are leaving.
I've contacted belly dancing schools about lessons.
I've made my master triathlon training plan.
Developed my master reading plan.
I've brought out the shorts, clam-diggers, and skorts, and put away the pantsuits and dresses.
I've taken a good look around at a house that's been neglected for nine months.
Ready or not, summer, here I come!

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