Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spinning class.

What's up with Blogger? I've tried five times to upload some pictures, and it says that it has, and then it doesn't. I finally had to edit the HTML by hand. I hate linking to other people's pictures. It's like stealing bandwidth.

Anyhoo, Helen is this fast Athena in the SWCS. As long as she's over 150 pounds I'll never get first place. I asked her how she got so fast on the bike, and she said, "spinning class". Given that I have 1) a gym membership, and 2) a lot of time on my hands during June and July, it seemed the thing to do. So, today I went to my first spinning class.

Well, spinning class kicked my ass. It’s heart-rate based, which is good for me; perhaps it will push my ability/willingness to withstand a bit more anaerobic work. Next week, they’ll be focusing on leg turnover. They rotate focus every three weeks or so. I was dripping sweat - literally, me, the queen of sloth. Dripping sweat, and a minor case of "monkey butt". I'm gonna do it again. Just think: a great workout, increase power/endurance on the bike AND nobody to honk or flip you off, or run headlong into you on the bike path, crack your fork, and screw up your shoulder for a month (no, your OTHER left!)

My heart rate soared and dipped pretty quickly, and finally I decided to just start pedaling harder or slower to control my heartrate. The instructor commented to the group about how some people have a harder time using resistance, and instead can control/move their heartrate up and down easier with faster/slower spinning, while others have an easier time using power up and out of the saddle to change it.

I asked her what that means, and she said it means the first type most likely has a higher proportion of fast twitch to slow twitch. I don't know if that's true or not, but it supports a theory I have, that a slumbering sprinter lies within.

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  1. thanks for the comment- it was really helpful and makes perfect sense about trying harder to elicit former responses.


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