Sunday, May 14, 2006


What happens when psychologists become triathletes? and get injured? and depressed?

No. Really. It's not a joke, and there's no punchline. There's just a new mental disorder that should be listed in the DSM.

(The DSM is the The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which mental health practitioners use to diagnose mental disorders and impairments.)


  1. Um, yeah, I think it's under addiction.... as in exercise addiction withdrawals. Of course, they recommend exercise to overcome depression (as or more effective than pharmica), so it would only stand to reason that a lack of exercise would lead to depression. That's why I went on a road trip last summer... couldn't race, and it was depressing me! Get well soon...physically and psychologically :)

  2. I think we just replace other mental disorders/physical needs with triathlon and we would all be even more OCD, alcoholics,addicted to drugs,have eating disorders...etc.etc. if we couldn't train/race/ It's just displaced angst/disorders and slightly healthier.
    I was just trying to think of this publication name (DSM) a few days ago! Thanks for jogging my memory!


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