Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jay Benson thoughts.

...on the 5K run...
Gosh, the crowd's moving ahead of me fast. I wonder if I can at least finish somewhere in the middle this time. That lady looks like an Athena. Should I ask her? But what if she isn't? She'd freak out. Karen's quite a ways ahead of me now. Huh, they have a skateboarding park here. Neat. There's Debbi. She's way up there, too. That lady's walking - maybe I can catch her and pass her. Wow, my heart rate is THAT high?? I'm running out of air. Crap, I forgot to press go on my watch and we've been running for 4 or 5 minutes already. My legs are pretty tired already. I should have trained better. My throat hurts. Wonder how Husband and son are doing. I wonder if that's the chondroitan that made my feet better. I wonder if it's nice living on a military base. Seems like there's a lot to do here. I'm going to have to take a walk break. Ahh! That water tastes good. Dump the rest on myself to cool me down. Hey, thanks for volunteering today! Boy, volunteers are nice. I wonder what it's like, to stand out here, mustering up enthusiasm for people who are back-of-packers, like me. Wish I didn't have this cold. It's making my breathing all weird. Ugh, I hate hills. The wind's picking up. What's that honking/squeaking noise? Is that coming from me? How can those two women chat AND run at the same time? I can barely catch my breath! I should have trained more. gosh, that lady is 60 and she's kicking my ass! I'm going to train more. This time, I mean it. Oh, thank God, the last part of the run is downhill and downwind. I might be able to kick it. Nope, maybe not. I have got to get faster! Whoo. At least that's over...
Results: 33:48.

...On the 20K bike...
clip in! Dammit, clip in! clip in! Why do I have so much trouble getting my shoes clipped in? That's better. why do they call these clipless anyway? Wow, these wheels feel great. I am cruisin'! ON YOUR LEFT! Holy cow, did she really think it was a good idea to ride a big mountain bike for this? Whatever. ON YOUR LEFT! Where did that guy come from? Is he left over from the males? They started a half hour before us. Crap, forgot to push the button on my watch again. Agggh, I forgot to zero out my speedometer! ON YOUR LEFT! Not sure if this seat was a good idea. I think my butt's too wide for it, and it feels pretty hard. ON YOUR LEFT! Ugh, wind. I hate wind. but the downhills feel great. ON YOUR LEFT! YOUR LEFT, PLEASE! I'm PASSING YOU ON YOUR LEFT! THANKS! Ohh, that's a dad and his daughter. that's so cute! Ooh, this is bumpy. I'm thirsty. There's downhill, but wind. Should I gear up, or down? I wonder if the kids will remember to call me for mother's day? Wow, she's really mashing those pedals. Doesn't she have any gears? Wonder if this is her first. Ooo, this is smooth. I need to work on my cadence. Wow, she's cruisin'. ON YOUR LEFT! WTF, is she passing me on the left? Hey, you can't do that! Ah, turn around. Let's see if I can grab a cup of water to dump in my aero bottle and turn around at the same time. Almost done! Wow, she's really fast. Wizzed by me like I was standing still. Hey, there's that honking again. Jeez, is he in the race? It would suck to get a flat and have to walk all the way back. WHAT IS THAT HONKING NOISE? Am I doing that somehow? Is that coming from me? oh, prairie dogs. ON YOUR LEFT! Ugh, this hill is KILLIN' ME! I don't know what I hate more wind or hills. ON YOUR LEFT! Hey, she's mashing her pedals to keep me from passing her, and I've already come alongside her! She's can't do that. I think it's a rule or something. Anyway, I'm not havin' it - upshift - rock the bike - Take that! Hah! She won't be catching up to me soon. There's transition up ahead. ON YOUR LEFT! Done! Ow, this is a long transition to run through barefoot...
Results: 45:47; average: 16.3 mph

...and in the pool, during the 400 meter swim...
Crap, I forgot to push the button on my watch again. Ah, this feels good. gosh, I'm just about worn out. Hey, lady, pick a side so I can pass you, okay? Who's grabbing my foot? Let me finish passing this lady and I'll get over so you can pass me! Ugh, my goggles are filling up with water. I hate these goggles. I might as well not have them. I can't catch my breath. WTF, is she doing the breast stroke? How am I supposed to pass her? gosh, this pool is long. And deep! Whew! Only three more lanes to go. hey, go ahead - you're going to pass me anyway. Wow, she's SMOKIN' fast! I'm going to have to stop and clear my goggles. My eyes hurt. What is that on the bottom of the pool? a watch? It would suck to lose your watch in the pool. Gosh, I'm tired. I need a nap. Ack, I needed more guafenisine this morning. I'm' breathing every stroke now. I just can't catch it my breath! Holy cow, I'm tired. Hey, move over - I need to pass you! Wonder if flip turns would make me faster. I just wish I could do them without getting water up my nose. It's noisy in here. Is that Brian? Oh, no. Another guy in a white running hat. Wow, I feel the stroke now. Yeah, okay, you go ahead of me. What's that? Looks like someone lost their timing chip. Gosh this pool is crowded. That must be a former student. Nobody else calls me "Mrs" . Woozy. Wish I'd brought a towel. How am I gonna get dry?
Results: 11:16 minutes.

I didn't place, but I think I did better than my usual. the Jay Benson Sprint on Kirtland AFB was a big triathlon, about 600 people, I think. There was a lot of competition today! But a fun race! Karen placed 3rd. Yay, Karen!

Funky smell rating: A+
Dog siting: 2 (unless you're impaired in some manner, do you really need to bring your dog into the ladies locker room? Ugh.)


  1. Sounds like a fun day and a great effort!!

  2. yep, that's about where I'd put it too.

    I thought it was *my* leftover gu packet at the bottom of the pool, but alas no - that was lodged in my swimsuit. D'oh!

  3. My first Tri and we did it. Great course for a first Tri. It was a fun day and the expectation of being run over in the pool was thwarted by the staggered start. Good Job race coordinator!!


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