Friday, May 12, 2006

I shall slay thee, evil procrastination demon.

Enough already!
I can't do this anymore. I can't justify absolute sloth and laziness by saying that I'm "tapering" or "recovering" anymore. I have to be honest with myself. I've been running, biking and swimming only once or twice a week up until now, using teaching and, "being busy" or "I'm too tired" as an excuse, but it's time to get serious. I need to be able to keep going, even when I'm feeling tired, if I want to be able to do a half iron distance in September.

Meanwhile, I have my first Olympic distance triathlon in 9 days, (holy cow, that came up fast) and I honestly don't know if I'm ready for it. Oh, I'll finish it...but slowly, and I fear, painfully. I've had my training plan in place and haven't been following it. I've been doing one long swim (2000-3000 meters), two short runs (5K each) and one bike (about 18 miles) each week.

So far, here are my favorite excuses for not training (you have to imagine me saying these with more than a bit of a whine in my voice).
It's too windy (when I have an indoor trainer and spinnerval DVD's)
It's too hot (when I have a treadmill and a/c)
The pool's too crowded, I couldn't get a lane (okay, well, that is an actual excuse - but once I'm off work for the summer, I'll be able to hit the pool when there's nobody in it)

Meanwhile, even though the sprint I'm doing on mother's day (short and flat) will be okay, I fear the triathlon gods will punish me at the Buffman and Squeaky Triathlon next weekend.

Agghh! I've been a bad, bad, Athena! But no more!


  1. Today, I went for a long mountain bike ride and all I could think about was that guy walking across the country. I read the site for a while and was really intriqued. As i was riding, I thought about all the people he has met and the experiences he has enjoyed during his journey. What a wonderful story. Thanks for introdicing that site to me.

    As for the biek stuff, I have to see a picture of this bike. Zipp 404's! You are sooooo lucky. I just raced an Ironman with 125.00 wheels! All well, maybe one day. Also, be sure to hang on to your old chain rings, as you will likely grow out of your triple and wish for a double one day. Just a thought. Take care and post bike pics please.

  2. Just a couple thoughts that might help - worked for me!
    - Set weekly objective, numerical minimums in each discipline (VERY modest minimums that you REALLY REALLY feel you can hit every single week) and track how many weeks you meet them. That consistency builds up and really pays off!
    - Set objective standards for when it really *is* too hot (105*F heat index on a particular weather website?) or too windy (25+ sustained or 30+ gusts?), and stick to them!

  3. And oh yeah - GOOD LUCK at the Olympic, if I forget to tell you later! I'm sure you'll do great!! I'm in a bit of a pre-race slump myself, to be truthful...

  4. Well, how many weeks did you train without a recovery week? I don't know how you do it... I'm usually draggin' into week 3! Then week 4 I'm completely worthless.

    Don't beat yourself up... you need to recover. Just ease back in and remember to schedule for recovery time. :)

    Good luck tomorrow!


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